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How to Use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

How to use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft
Heart of the Sea

A Heart of the Sea is a very rare item in a popular game named Minecraft. This particular item can be obtained from a chest that is buried and can be used for several purposes. Players have a chance to explore and visit sacral ocean ruins and shipwrecks when they are exploring the immense world. These different areas and structures have a good deal of loot and goodies that the player can collect. One of the most fun parts is finding the treasure maps.

Minecraft Players who 0lay the game according to the directions of the map they find in the game will lead them to the chest that contains treasure. Inside of these chest contains a rare item such as a Heart of the Sea. This rare item can be used as a conduit that is of immense power. The article will focus on how the players of Minecraft can obtain his rare item and also how it can be used in-game.

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What is a Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game that comes under the sandbox genre and is a development and creation of Mojang Studio, which is a Swedish video game developer. The game is a creation of Java programming and was done by Markus “Notch” Persson. The game was first made available to the public in May of 2009 and then another full release was done in the November of 2011. In 2011 the development was taken over by Jens Bergensten. The game has been made available to various platforms and is very popular and awarded as one of the bestselling video games of all time. According to a report that surfaced in 2021, it has over 200 million copies sold and garnered almost 140 million active users.

How to use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft


In this game, players can explore a world that is the blocky 3D world and has infinite possibilities for exploring. The player can extract materials or search for maps or treasure. Players can also fight bots that are computer-controlled or online compete with other online players. There is also the availability of several game modes such as survival mode, in which the players attain resources for building their world and also maintain the health of the character. There is also a creative world where there is the availability of max resources, and also the player can fly. The game can be modified accordingly, and also new items and mechanics can be created.

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How can a player attain and use a Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

As for the creation of their conduit players first need to attain the Heart of the Sea primarily. To attain this rare item without using any commands is to find the chest that is buried. For locating this chest players, primary objective should be to find the map that leads to this treasure. The treasure maps can be either found inside shipwrecks or some ruins in the ocean. Both of these things are located deep underwater in the depths of the ocean. Some can even be found on the surface too.

How to use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

Heart of the Sea

The players simply need to do one thing, and that is to follow the direction that the map guides them to, and once the location is reached, then digging can be started for locating the buried chest. After all, the mark of the spot is located as X. There is a 100%v chance that the player is likely to find A Heart of the Sea inside of a buried treasure chest. This is good news for players as it is a rare item and allows the creation of a path that is assured for obtaining a rare item.

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How does the crafting of a conduit take place in Minecraft?

Conduit is a beacon-like block that is useful and will keep player safety ensured from mobs that are underwater and have a powerful status effect. The powerful effect of the conduit will be granted to the players that are in contact with the rain or water and are located in the range of the conduit. The effect also has a positive effect on mining speed underwater, oxygen restoration, night vision underwater to players. For crafting this conduit, the player needs a combination of a Heart of the Sea and eight nautilus shells at the table. The shells, on the other hand, can be attained from fishing a treasured item. The shells can also be purchased from trade wandering worth five emeralds per shell.

How to use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft


For activation of this conduit, its placement should be done at the center of a 3x3x3 radius of water and it should also be properly framed. The source blocks can be water, flowing, or waterlogged. For farming only dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, prismarine, and sea lantern blocks can be only used for activation. Almost 16 blocks are at least needed for the production of conduit power effect for the minimum projection range, which is almost 32 blocks. For additional seven blocks that are added to the frame the radius of the conduit is extended to almost 16 blocks. 96 blocks are the max range of a conduit and will be a 42 block frame.

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