How To Take the Viral Colour Personality Test From TikTok?

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Colour personality or the psychology behind colours is not a new thing. It may be a new trend, but the science behind the trend is ages old – perhaps even centuries old. When the old forts were painted in golden paint, it was a way to make the world know of the royal prowess of the Kings and Queens who resided there. Flags all over the world have colours that denote something or the other. White is a symbol of peace. Rooms are painted sky blue to make you feel calm and relaxed. Pablo Picasso, the legendary artist, had once commented that colours are not unlike features, for they too accompany the change of emotions. Colour is also a powerful tool for communication. Colours have been associated with eyestrain – the warm mode on many of our mobiles, tablets, etc. Some colours have also been associated with the control of blood pressure.

According to the psychology of colours, your personality can be revealed by the colours you like and dislike. Your personality colour is one colour you think is your favorite, a colour you would love to have more clothes of, or paint your own room with. Think of this colour spontaneously. This colour is your personality colour. The colours you like talk about your state, be it mental, physical, emotional, or social. Your favorite colours define your personality. The colours you do not like are linked to your vulnerabilities and weaknesses are.

Every Colour Tells A Story. (Pictures Credit: Ramzy Masri on Instagram)

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What is the Colour Personality Test, Exactly?

Now just reverse this process. Based on your choices, based on your choices, what is your colour? And what does it say about you? A sort of quiz as this has been viral and trending on TikTok. People look to zodiac signs and MBTI personality types because they help us learn a lot about ourselves. This latest colour helps us find out how our personality. The test, developed by a South Korean company, attaches you with a colour aesthetic and gives a funny but detailed inspection of your personality. You can be ocean depth or sprout. Do you love taking quizzes like Which Jane Austen Heroine You Would Be? Or Which Kind of Villain You Would Be? Or Which Umbrella Academy Character You Would Be, and the likes? If yes, then this is for you!

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Colour Aesthetic
Dandelion Colour Personality Aesthetics (Credits: -persepxone on Wattpad)

This colour personality test isn’t just gibberish. It is based on True Colours Personality Profiling System, which was created in 1978. Don Lowry is the real creator of this test which is now trending almost 40 years later! According to the theory on which the test is based, everyone’s personality is not just 1 colour. It is a combination of many colors like blue, orange, gold and green. Sort of like the MBTI personalities, only. Green personalities are independent thinkers. Orange colours mean you like your actions to speak, people with more blue are easily likable, and golden types are practical thinkers.

The quiz is from You can take the test in various languages, including English, Spanish, and even Hindi! The results will assign you with your “colour” an in-depth analysis of your personality and attitude and take on life.

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How To Take the Quiz?


Head over to Chances are great that the page will be in Korean, but there are language options just there on the screen.

Colour Test
(from the website)


After you have set your language, you can click on Go To Test. And then the Questions will start. There are over 12 questions that are mostly situation-based. The questions can be like: What am I to my First-Time Friends? What do I do during weekends? And so on.

Colour Personality Test
A Question from the Test

STEP 3: Get Your Results!!

This is a sample result. Actually, this is my result! And this will give you an idea of what your result will look like. For example, my test results said my colour is serulian.

Results example

Then the results will go on to say what my personality is like and what I should be careful from. It also talks about which kind of people I do not like, which other colours are compatible with me and which aren’t.

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Colour Personality Test
Results Example II

What After You Get the Results?

Make your friends take it too, what else? Find out if you are actually compatible or not. Think of the scandal if you and your significant other aren’t compatible! Other colours you can get include Oasis, Sprout, Navy Fiony, Alice Blue, Quartz, and so on. Each and every one of the colours is equally beautiful! Let me know in the comments which colour is yours!

This is how Alice Blue Looks Like (Source: Ettitude)

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