How To Read Dragon Ball Super Manga?

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The Dragon Ball series has been continuously releasing new spin-offs and side stories even after its explosive success. Akira Toriyama loses no opportunity to surprise fans with new additions to the franchise. The original Dragon Ball Z manga gained global success and was ultimately included in Shounen Jump’s forbidden 4 too. Be it the manga or the anime film and series, fans remain hyped for whatever Dragon Ball content they are offered. Its most recent addition is the Dragon Ball Super manga.

In 2015, the Dragon Ball Super Manga was released. The manga has sold up to 113,000 copies in a week upon the release of its new volume. This is the very impact that the franchise carries. Akira Toriyama along with Toyotarou’s illustrations began writing the Dragon Ball Super manga in 2015 and have continued to date. The manga releases its chapters on a monthly basis on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine. At the time of writing, the manga has 15 volumes and 71 chapters.

The manga has also been adapted into an anime series. This anime was also produced by Toei Animation, just like its previous parts. Goku and Vegeta return in this series to flex their overpowered abilities. As of August 2020, 3,043,329 copies of Dragon Ball Super have been sold. While watching Dragon Ball has been absolute fun, reading the manga cannot be considered any less. However, for anyone who has not kept up with the Dragon Ball Z manga, here is some information on the intended chronology of the Dragon Ball storyline.

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About Dragon Ball Super Manga

How to Read Dragon Ball Super manga?
Goku: Dragon Ball: Anime.

Dragon Ball super is not a proper sequel of the original manga series. The manga takes place somewhere in the middle of Dragon Ball Z. The idea was pretty clever. Instead of creating a straightforward generic sequel, Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou take one missing edge and perfectly fit a new story into it.

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Dragon Ball Super takes place in the time skip of the franchise. All the events happen in the time after Majin Buu is defeated. In the original series, this sector is simply covered by an announcement of a ten-year time skip. The new manga takes hold of the said interval and reveals the various events that took place in that time.

We have been made familiar with Goku’s journey from being a kid to being an adult. Dragon Ball Super manga takes steps ahead gives us updates about the missing ten years of his life. Although not included in the original manga, so far the events of these years have been completely intriguing.

What’s even more amusing about Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball Super is that the manga does not fail to give the same vibes even after twenty years.

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Dragon Ball Super Story: Where To Begin?

How to read Dragon Ball Super manga
Dragon Ball Z: Anime.

For anime watchers:

As mentioned, the events of the most recent Dragon Ball manga take place in the ten-year time skip after Majin Buu’s defeat. If you have been keeping track of the anime rather than the manga, then the new anime series and the manga begin after the same episode. This episode is episode number 288 from Dragon Ball Z anime series, titled ‘He is always late’. Episode 288 features the beginning of the time skip. After the announcement, the next part of the story restarts in 299, featuring events post the time skip.

So, if you really want to follow the series in a proper chronology, this is what it would look like. After watching 288 episodes from the anime, you can continue watching the Dragon Ball Super anime or read the manga. After the completion, you can continue with the rest of the anime from episode 299.

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For manga readers:

Enjoying the manga is also fun on its own. So if you have been catching up with the manga, here is where the recent Dragon Ball manga happens.

Chapter 323 of the Dragon Ball Z manga called ‘A Happy Ending…And Then…” features the after events of the battle with Kid Buu. By the end of this chapter, the manga comes across the ten-year skip. Immediately, the next chapter is named ‘Ten Years After”.

If you have been following the manga strictly in order, then Dragon Ball Super takes place after chapter 323 and before 324.

It is pretty common to feel a bit lost while reading manga series with several chapters. However, if read in order, understanding the story becomes tons easier.

You can catch up with the original series and the Dragon Ball Super manga on Viz Media and on Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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