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How To Play Gwen in League of Legends, The Strategies For The New Champion?

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Finally, Gwen is here in the League of Legends. One month ago, we did write an article on when Gwen could arrive in the game and how it could affect the game, and what you can expect from her. Now, Gwen has officially arrived in the game, and everyone has started to make their own strategies and plans to play with Gwen so that they can get the upper hand on the opposition.

Gwen is the second character to be released this year in League of Legends. She is the top lane in this year’s cycle of champions. Gwen is an attacking character with great speed and abilities which are aggressive in nature. If you are in need of a high-tempo character with great fighting skills, then Gwen is your go-to character. Let’s have a look at all her abilities and how you can use them in the game.

Abilities and Runes

As said above, Gwen is a duelist and very flexible too. You can use her either in a solo lane or get her in the jungle. Depending on what you are doing, you can choose one of the runes so that you get the maximum benefit from it. If you are going into the jungle, then you can either choose Electrocute or Dark Harvest. It will boost the damage for any of the ganks you execute. If you are heading on a solo lane, then Conquerer is the best keystone to use. This is because solo laning will require a lot of switching between her Q and E, and Conquerer is the perfect keystone to sync with them.

There is one keystone that is great in any condition, though. It is Press the Attack. This keystone gives you a strong presence in a duel and gives all the allies near you a damaged boost on the target which you have focused on.

Now, let’s have a look at all the abilities that Gwen possesses.

League Of legends Gwen

Passive Ability: Thousand Cuts

Your basic attacks and some of the selected abilities while do bonus magic damage on hitting the enemy. The bonus will be a certain percentage of the enemy’s maximum health. Not only this, but all the basic attacks made against other champions will heal your Gwen. The amount of healing depends on the total damage dealt.

Q: Snip Snip!

Snip Snip is a short-range skill that will deliver great damage in the center. It is a great skill to use in your duels. The ideal way to use this ability would be to deliver four auto attacks before executing SNIP SNIP!. Every auto-attack will deal with extra cuts. Not only that, but you will also activate the Thousand Cut ability, which will deal more bonus damage, as mentioned above.

You can make great use of flash, which is possessed by Gwen. There is a bit of cast time in this Q ability, so you can use that time to flash your opponent and make a quick run from a moderate distance to get closer.

W: Hallowed Mist

Hallowed Mist is a bit similar to Xin Zhao’s R. By using Hallowed Mist, Gwen will be able to create a zone around her that will last for five seconds. This zone will give her bonus resistance for the time in which she is inside it. The best part is that the enemies won’t be able to harm her from the outside with any of their abilities. If you try to leave the zone once, the sphere will follow you, but if you try it more than once, the zone vanishes, and you are back to normal.

This ability can be used during skirmishes in order to get extra armor and magic resistance. This will help you if the battle keeps on extending for extra stats.

Gwen Hallowed Mist

E: Skip ‘n Slash

This ability allows Gwen to make a short burst for a small distance, and it also increases the range, speed, and magic damage for up to four seconds. If you manage to do a basic attack in between this ability, then the cooldown period of this ability reduces by 50%.

R: Needlework

Needlework is somewhat similar to Irelia’s old ultimate power. Once activated, Gwen can use this ability up to three times, but she has to hit an enemy within 8 seconds of the first cast. Then only she will be able to make the next cast. Needlework also activates a Thousand Cuts passive ability automatically.

Best Items

With abilities done, let’s talk about which items you must choose as Gwen in different types of conditions. Riftmaker and Night Harvester are the best items, and you must always aim to get any of them when it comes to Mythic items. They compliment Gwen in a great manner.

If you have a good lead and you feel great exploring the map more, then Hextch Rocketbelt and Luden’s Tempest are the items that you must consider. Hextech Rocketbelt gives you good movement options, whereas the latter will give more mana to stay in the game for a longer amount of time.

League of Legends Items

If we talk about the legendary items, then Nashor’s Tooth is a tool that should be your priority as it gives you great attack speed. One of the strengths of Gwen is the speed in attack. If you want something in bulk, then go for Banshee’s Veil and Zhonya’s Hourglass. If you are in search of something that gives more ability casts and speed in movement, then Cosmic Drive is a perfect choice.

Best Practices in the Early Game

Now that you know all of her abilities let’s see how you can use her powers in the early game, whether it be through the jungle path or the solo lane path.

Jungle Path

Starting with the jungles, if you are in the jungle, then with the help of your Snip Snip, you can easily clear many camps at once. You have to be careful, though; an enemy jungler can also try to catch you off guard when you are busy clearing the camps. Apart from this, one must always practice kiting in between his/her auto attacks. Doing this will force the monsters to switch between their basic attacks, which will give you some extra effective health as the damage given by them will reduce significantly.

Solo Lane

If we talk about the solo lane, then there are many scenarios. One of them could be where the enemy is ready to take you on straight away. Here using your Snip Snip can prove effective as it does a good amount of damage. Your aim here should be to maximize the trade of stacks of your Q ability. If your enemy tries to run from you because of his/her low health, you can easily use the E ability, i.e., Skip ‘n Slash in order to get closer to them and pull of auto-attacks. One more scenario could be of a long-range attacker. If an enemy possesses a legend with great long-range attacking abilities, then you can make great use of your Hallowed Mist. You can create a zone and stay protected from those attacks. Not only that, but it will also give you some extra armor.

League Of Legends Jungle

Best Practices in Mid and Late Game.

If you have survived the early game, then it is time to keep going till the end. Your mid-game fairly depends on how your start was. If it was a great start and you have great armor and abilities all charged, then you can go and keep harassing enemies on different locations of the map. You can confuse them or stop their attacks so that they do not get any momentum. Being a duelist is about working alone but for the betterment of the team.

Don’t forget about the objectives on the map. If you get too lost in playing with the opponents and end up at the wrong spot on the map at the wrong time, then you could miss some vital objectives like the Dragon and Rift Herald.

Talking about the late game, then you have to make a choice between engaging in team fights and pushing alone and grabbing the attention of the enemies. You can use your Hallowed Mist with great effect in team fights, whereas when you are a solo jungler, then being on the side parts of the map will be beneficial for you as you will spot objectives like Dragon and Baron out there.


Well, this ends our guide on how you can utilize the latest legend Gwen to her full potential. This is not the ideal guide, though. Using her abilities depends on situation to situation, and situations change in every game. Talking about the release date, Gwen has already arrived in the game on 14th April.

So head on to the game and start experimenting with the newest League of Legends star, Gwen.

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