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How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like John Wick?

How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like John Wick

How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like John Wick? Undoubtedly, the GTA franchise tops every list when we are talking about an amazing open-world games list. The first installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise was released in 1997. It has been 24 years since the release of the first GTA game, and now it has seven games in the franchise. Still, the fandom of this action-adventure just keeps growing. The latest installment in Rockstar’s most successful video game series is the GTA V, which came out in 2013.

Even after nine years since the release of GTA 5, it is one of the most beloved games around the globe. This action-adventure allows the players to take on the criminal life of three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. The trio goes through many adventures like robbery, killing rivals, and even working with intelligence services. However, the game also allows a multiplayer mode, where players can build their criminal empire and can either team up or go against other players online. However, the best thing about the game is that it allows the players to customize the look of their character. Either they can use mods to customize their characters from a wide variety of options to their choice in the online mode.

Therefore, we will look at how to make your GTA character look like John Wick. Undoubtedly, the main hitman from the John Wick franchise is an absolute favorite. He is one of the most popular characters of the actor, Keanu  Reeves. Therefore, gamers would love to play as John Wick in GTA V. Thus, follow this article to play with John Wick look alike in both online and offline mode of GTA V.

Who Is John Wick?

John Wick is a hitman with quite a reputation in the profession of killing. He was famous as ‘Baba Yaga’ or ‘The Boogeyman’ who can kill anybody. However, John quit his ways of living after meeting his wife, Helen Wick. However, the happy days of John were not forever. Soon his beloved wife passes away. But Helen left a final present, a Beagle, for her husband. John’s past came haunting him one day when his previous boss’s son not only thefts his car but also killing his dog. These events led John Wick to return to his old ways of a legendary hitman.

John Wick GTA Creation

John Wick

The entire John Wick franchise is an enormous hit. Undoubtedly, the main character, John Wick, received more love from the audience because of Keanu Reeves portraying the character of the legendary hitman. Reeves himself is one of the most loved actors in the world. Therefore, fans more want to be like his character Wick, but that wouldn’t be possible in real life.

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How To Become ‘The Boogeyman’ in GTA V?

The most popular fact about the Grand Theft Auto franchise has been the use of Mods and Cheats in the game. Unlike most games where using a mod and cheat can ruin the experience of a game. GTA instead becomes more enjoyable with mods and cheats. Mods or cheats are external codes or designs for a game that was not initially present in the game. These mods are never officials as independent programmers and designers come up with these.

John Wick GTA 5

John Wick mod in GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto V comes with three protagonists: Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. The player can change the hairstyle and the clothing of the trio. Further, none of the three protagonists resembles John Wick. Thus, the only way to get John Wick in the GTA story. So the players can get a John Wick mod online. Also, you can get Mr. Wick’s legendary weapon, a pencil, to play the action-adventure game. But be cautious while installing mods.

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How To Become John Wick Look-Alike In GTA Without Mods?

As we told you to play as John Wick, you would require to get a John Wick mod. However, there is another way to look like John Wick, and that too without using any mod. But this feature is only limited to GTA Online. The multiplayer mode of GTA V allows the players to create their characters from scratch. Further, the options to create the suite look for the character is vast. Therefore, making your game character like Johnathan Wick is possible in GTA Online without mods. Follow the steps to look like Walter White in GTA V.

  • Obviously, the first step would be choosing male as the sex for the game’s character. Then, in the Heritage section, choose Audrey as your mom and John as your father. It seems to be John Wick. You need your father to be John too. Further, the Resemblance should be 70 percent towards father and mother should have 30 percent. For the Skin Tone, keep 80 present towards dad and 20 percent towards mom.
    John Wick’s Heritage, Resemblance, and Skin Tone.
John Wick GTA 5 Customization

John Wick’s Heritage, Resemblance, and Skin Tone

  • Now is the tricky part, which is to customize the face to look like John. For Brows, move the slider to the extreme Down and should be on a block towards In.
  • Then for the Eyes, move the slider towards the extreme side of the Wide.
  • Then in the Nose customization, the slider will be half a black towards Down and one block towards Narrow.
  • In the Nose-Profile keep the slider at the exact center of the graph.
Grand Theft Auto Online John Wick

John Wick’s Brows, Eyes, Nose, and Nose Profile

  • For Nose-Tip, you again need to keep the pointer at the center of the graph.
  • For Cheekbones move the slider one block towards Up and keep it one block away from the end of In.
  • The Cheeks should be at the center of the second block towards Gaunt.
  • For Lips, keep the pointer at the exact center of the scale.
GTA Online Custom John Wick

John Wick’s Nose Tip, Cheekbones, Cheeks, and Lips

  • Now the players need to push the slider a bit more than one block towards Narrow and one block towards Square for Wick’s Jaw.
  • In the Chin-Profile keep the slider one block away from the extreme of Down and keep it at the center of In and Out.
  • Finally to complete the face shape of John Wick, keep the Chin-Shape slider one block away from the end of Square and move it to the end of Rounded.
Keanu Reeves for GTA Online

John Wick’s Lips, Jaws, Chin Profile, and Chin Shape

  • Now let’s dive more into the facial appearance to match that of John Wick. For hairstyle, the player needs to choose Long Hair. The eyebrows should be Winged with 100% Opacity. Then for Wick’s beard, select Stubble with 100% Opacity in the facial hair. Further, both hairstyle and beard should be Color 1.
  • Then keep the Skin Blemishes and Skin Aging at None. Further, the Skin Complexion should be Totem. Again keep it at None for Moles & Freckles, and Skin Damage.
GTA Customization

John Wick’s Hair, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Skin Blemishes, Skin Aging, Skin Complexion, Moles & Freckles, and Skin Damage

  • Further, the Eye Makeup and Lipstick both should be at None until you are planning to create a diva John Wick.
  • The player has to go with Flashy Style and Just wear The V.I.P Outfit to complete the John Wich look.
How To Make Your GTA Character Look Like John Wick

John Wick in GTA Online

These are all the steps you need to follow to make your GTA character look like John Wick. Now, you can get a car similar to John Wick from the movie and buy a lot of guns. And, you are all set to take on the other GTA Oline players as the infamous hitman John ‘The Boogeyman’ Wick.

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