How to get Un-shadowbanned on TikTok? A Complete Guide

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How to get Unshadow banned on TikTok? Tiktok, a short video app owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, is immensely popular among Youth. Although it struck a partnership deal with Oracle and Walmart, ByteDance still owns 80% of the business. Over 200 million downloads of this app in the US are becoming increasingly popular among Youth. Currently, Shou Zi Chew is the CEO of TikTok, and update from the app often hits the headlines. However, in several countries, including India, which had the largest number of users of TikTok in the world, it’s banned. Despite being in so many controversies, the app still has around 2 billion downloads worldwide. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t use TikTok.The widespread popularity of the app created an all-new generation of social media Stars. Recently, Zhang Yiming, who founded the parent of TikTok, stepped down as ByteDance’s CEO.

We will be discussing how to get unshadowed banned on TikTok in the article today. There are 300 million posts and videos tagging shadowbanning. Ghost banning or stealth banning, which is commonly known as shadow banning. What is shadow banning? How to find out you get shadowbanned?  And thereafter, how we can get Unshadow banned? That is all we will be talking about today.

TikTok Unshadow banned
How to get Unshadow banned on TikTok?

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What is Shadowbanning?

What is Shadowbanning? Shadowbanning is a huge problem faced by TikTok users. Shadowbanning means the content of the users suddenly disappears, it stopped showing in followers feed. Well, the app which created millions of stars also made them social media billionaires, this is a big problem for them. Moreover, the app won’t tell you anything about shadow banning. Oops! Now, how will you find out you are shadowbanned? Well, we will talk about that in the article.

If you shadowbanned, it means your content’s visibility becomes limited, and you haven’t been aware of it. Why does the company do shadow banning? Well, the answer is quite simple, if you are a TikTok user, you might be aware of it, there are certain guidelines to follow. If you don’t follow those guidelines or your content is inappropriate, there are chances your account might be shadowbanned. Or else, if you are not giving your viewers the content they need, you may be shadowbanned. How to know you are shadowbanned?

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How to know you are shadowbanned?

How to know you are shadowbanned? Well, it’s quite difficult to identify whether you shadowbanned or not? A shadowbanned TikTok account’s views start dropping suddenly. There is a ‘For You’ page on TikTok, where the recommendation of different videos is shown. If you are shadowbanned, then your videos will not appear on the page, but it’s difficult to find you are shadowbanned or not. The only way to know about this is when someone else will inform you about it. If your videos are not visible on the ‘For You’ page, it surely means ‘you are shadowbanned’.

Unshadowed banned on tiktok
How to get Unshadowed banned on TikTok?

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How to get the Unshadow banned?

If you think your account is shadowbanned, then here few ways to fix it. Firstly, you can delete your most recent video, maybe it will solve your problem. The second thing you can do is, uninstall the app and then again install it. Thirdly, clear the cache from your smartphone, you might get your account Unshadow banned. The fourth thing you can do is re-install TikTok most recent update. Moreover, wait for few days before posting any more content. The shadow-banned usually lasts for two weeks, and even after two weeks you didn’t get Un-shadow banned, it’s better to delete that account and start the new one.

That’s all!  I hope the article will help you to continue your TikTok journey and getting your account back.TikTok is a cool platform to make videos, and it will surely give you a lot of popularity.

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