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How to Get the TinyTAN Instagram Theme?

how to get TinyTAN characters
TinyTAN characters all set for instagram

TinyTAN characters of BTS are known to all by now. How to Get the TinyTAN Instagram Theme? and more on BTS is something we will be taking up today. Before going any further, let’s understand what is TinyTAN exactly and why are they so famous. TinyTAN is nothing but animated characters based on BTS. And one thing we know of sure is anything associated with BTS becomes huge naturally, and so does TinyTAN. Though these characters were launched long back now, the trend is hyping more these days. Since TinyTAN is now on messenger and Instagram. BTS fans are hence just loving the new experience, and this gradually is becoming a trend to opt-out with the new updates in social media. These TinyTAN characters were first known as the BTS characters since they are based on each and every member of the band.

BTS is a name that comes automatically with the naming of the k-pop industry. BTS is also known as the Bangtan Boys and is a popular South Korean boy band that debuted back in 2013. The group has had its own share of struggle and then rose to fame. The fame they enjoy is such that their craze is almost in every well-known country currently. Their fans are known as the ARMY, who support the band in every venture of their life and career. BTS consists of seven core members, the popular septet is composed of, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin, and Jungkook. They debuted under the big hit entertainment and since then have been extremely active. They have topped the charts of billboards several times and have hence rightly established a position for themselves in the industry.

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How to Get the TinyTAN Instagram Theme?

TinyTAN Instagram Theme can be accessed once you have the updated version of the app available on your phone. TinyTAN is after all a group of loveable and cute characters that have been based on BTS. The chibi version of BTS is after all much liked by the fans and is extremely famous. BTS along with their cute child-like characters, will now completely make your day. These famous and cute characters of the k-pop idols have been in use for a while now. But what is new is that they can now be accessed in the chat themes of Instagram as well as Messenger to give a personalized experience. The update has also collaborated with TinyTAN. The group of lovable characters is now all set to make your day.

what is TinyTan instagram theme

TinyTan versions of BTS

These TinyTAN-themed chats can be accessed once you have updated the application. Once the update is done, you’ll be able to use the TinyTAN chat theme. Instagram has already given an update on how to use them and how personalized is the theme. Once updated you can then share your favorite songs or react with your chosen TinyTAN character. The activation of the theme can be done in the setting easily. All you need to do is tap on the theme and select TinyTAN.

The Instagram announcement pages are also giving active confirmation and updates on TinyTAN and its new features. Though many users from different countries may find some issues using the feature currently, it will soon be resolved. The update is new and takes time to implement still, for now, keep an active check on the updates related to Instagram and TinyTAN, also do not forget to update the app.

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What is TinyTAN Instagram Theme?

TinyTAN Instagram Theme is a chat theme that can now be accessed in both messenger and Instagram. The theme will include a chat theme with decorated background with flowers and music. In addition, there is a whole set of stickers available on TinyTAN characters. This new theme was introduced to give a better user experience. It takes you to your own Tiny Tan Universe with backgrounds that are all BTS-related.

how to get the tinytan instagram theme

TinyTan versions of BTS now on Instagram

With BTS trending everywhere, so are the Tiny Tan versions of BTS, and this actually turned out to be a sweet treat for the fans. This new chat experience, theme, and sticker pack are basically to celebrate the success of Dynamite. So quickly go and access the new feature on your chat setting, just tap on themes and select TinyTAN.

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