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How to Get the Main Character Filter Tiktok? Here is How to Use It

How to get the main character filter TikTok
How to get the main character filter Tiktok

How to Get the Main Character Filter Tiktok? This is a filter with a huge fanbase as it has been trending since last year. Also, people are making numerous videos on it. Also, they made it a trend, or it seems like a challenge for everyone. And, they tried to make the best out of this trend. Now, TikTok, with 1 billion downloads, is ruling with other social media giants. Its concept of making short videos was a hit, and now it comes up with different challenges. They also come up with new and exciting features along with these aforementioned challenges. The main Character filter basically aims to take out the main character within an individual. Like, what is the Main Character? The main Character means someone who is in the lead of someone who has all the attention.

A person in the real world who appears the best or an actor who is playing the lead role. Furthermore, Disney Lead characters like the princesses or other characters. These all come in the category of the main character. So, Tiktok filters came up with the new feature, or we can say a new Tiktok filter that is the main character filter. According to TikTokers, this main Character Filter lets the user feel as if they are the main character of the video or TikTok. Now, in this article, we will know — How to get the main Character Filter as many of the people might be knowing about this challenge but not to reach this filter.

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How to Get the Main Character Filter Tiktok?

The main character, Filter, plays a song with a piece of beautiful music. After that, the person using this filter has to behave like he or she is the main character and everyone is falling for them.

So, here is the stepwise guide to using this filter on TikTok.

Step 1 – Download the TikTok app and Click the app to open it.

Step 2 – Create an account on the app, which is a must if you want others to follow your content.

Step 3 – Now, Click on the ‘effect’ icon. You will find it at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4 – After this, you will get to that corner of TikTok, where you can find the filter.

Now, choose effect and song accordingly, and with your videos, rule the platform.

How to get the main character filter Tiktok

Main Character Filter Trend

Every exciting and popular thing has some haters or roasters too. Therefore, there are many among the tiktokers who make fun of this Filter, and many do criticize it. But there are more fans than haters. Many of them make a funny video using this filter, and some truly start feeling like a princess or the main character while using it. Nevertheless, this trend is still ruling the social media giant, TikTok. That is probably because many want to be the Main Character. Furthermore, many celebrities also tried this trend. Also, some showed their transformation, some just did a lip-sync with the song, and some danced too.

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Other Trendy Filter for Short Videos

There is one more trendy filter for TikTok short videos. It is a ‘Comic Me’ filter. So, the creative minds of people took another trend out of it. They Mixed both the trends, the main character trend, and the ‘Comic Me’ trend together. So, in this one, people have to make a short video where they will be using a comic filter, and others have to identify who is the main character. Sounds interesting and fun for those who use TikTok.

'Comic Me' Trend

‘Comic Me’ Trend

Many people tried this challenge, and many did not. They just made a short video with the Comic filter and uploaded it. Also, all these short videos with the aforementioned challenges are grabbing enough views and like not only on TikTok but also on Youtube. That is because many of the TikTok stars have their youtube channel also, so they post their creations on it and on their Instagram handles too. Thereby making these challenges more trendy day by day.

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