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How To Get The Human Bubble Filter On TikTok?


The Chinese short-video sharing application TikTok has made its name in the industry despite the allegations. Since its launch in the year 2016, the company has been the talk of the town. Likewise, it has given millions of people stable employment. Over time, there have been various trends. One such trend has surfaced on the internet nowadays. It is called the “Human Bubble filter” trend.

As we all know, TikTok is a video-sharing application owned by a Chinese company. The owner company is known as ByteDance. This application has been in various controversies. Despite these controversies, it has emerged as one of the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The CEO is Vanessa Pappas. TikTok is available in over 40 different languages.

TikTok Trends

This time, TikTok is back with another trend. TikTok’s trends have been among the most famous internet searches since its launch. Every week or two, there are new trends available on the video-sharing app. These are how the company tries to lure its users. Likewise, people all over the world are curious about these trends. They often search on Google for the latest trends. Within hours, the application fills with thousands of versions. Meanwhile, users from all over the world indulge themselves in these trends to become famous. Likewise, others do this for the sake of entertainment. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the latest “Human Bubble” trend. Here’s what we know about this trend.

What is the Human Bubble Trend on TikTok?

TikTok is back with another trend. This is known as the Human Bubble trend. It is a very simple trend to follow yet an interesting one. However, thousands of users have gone through this trend. Likewise, it is receiving positive feedback. There lies a question- What is the “Human Bubble Filter”? The answer is an interesting one. Human Bubble is a new filter available on the short-video sharing application. Unlike other trends on TikTok, Human Bubble is very easy to use. It is a way of knowing what you are thinking, according to the application. Isn’t it funny? It is.

Human Bubble

Human Bubble Filter has become a trend now.

In comics and Manga, different dialogue bubbles are used to differentiate between a dialogue and a thought. Likewise, this filter differentiates thoughts from dialogues. It tells us what sort of thought is going on in the other person’s mind. Although, it is safe to use as the phones will not read what’s on your mind! It has been made for the sake of entertainment. That’s all. One can apply this filter and make a video to know what the application thinks about your thinking and mindset. It is maybe accurate and maybe way out of your league. Likewise, users have found this application way too interesting.

How to get the Human Bubble filter on TikTok?

The most important question on the Internet nowadays is how to use this trend… well the usage process of this new TikTok trend is very easy. One needs to open the application and move on to the effects section in the gallery. Likewise, search for the tabs bar. One will find “Trending” written over it. Swipe the bar towards your left. Keep scrolling the list towards the left direction. Stop when the title “Animal” is visible. This filter is the very first option under the Animal category.

TikTok Human Bubble

Human Bubble Filter

Here comes the main part- the fun. Write down whatever you want to in one of those bubbles. Likewise, point the camera to your pet or any person you want to try this trend with. As a result, it will show that they are thinking about what you just wrote. Hence, one can project his or her thought to the world through other people or pets. This is insane. But, this insanity is one of the ways one can deal with boredom.

You can also add matching songs or instrumentals with your video to make it more interesting. Thus, share it with your friends and family to enjoy. This is one of the easiest trends ever available on TikTok. Likewise, it is gaining much attention from users all over the world.

video-sharing app TikTok





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