How to Get Demon Art in Anime Fighting Simulator?

Anime Fighting Simulator
Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime has never lost its charm. Be it a kid or an adult, anime has fans from every age group. Thus, the gaming industry didn’t forget to include anime, and there are a lot of anime games in the market. But, do you know about Roblox? Just like the graphics of Minecraft, we have some games from Roblox. It is an online gaming platform, and it has many games that are based on anime. One such anime-based game from Roblox is Anime Fighting Simulator, and it has anime characters in it, which makes the game more exciting. Further, Blockzone is the creator of the simulator.

Anime Fighting Simulator is a game with more than 80% positive responses from its players. More than 500 million players have tried the game, and the game was out in October 2019. So, in just three years, the game grabbed millions of players on its side. There is a lot to know about the game as it is really a perfect game to shine as a pro player. So, in this article, we will not only know the game, but we will also learn How to Get Demon Art in Anime Fighting Simulator?

What is the Game About?

Anime Fighting Simulator is a game from Blockzone, as mentioned before. The director of the game is Nyxun and MarmDev created it. Also, this game has several famous anime characters and a beautiful plot. But, a player can choose between the training part or the story-based gameplay because it has modes. As we are mentioning that the game has famous anime characters, so what does it mean? Well, the players have to complete missions to get those characters, and with those characters, they have the freedom those characters’ powers.

Anime Fighting Simulator
Anime Fighting Simulator

But they have to unlock those powers, so a player must give time to the game. Otherwise, there will be no fun without those powers. Among these, Demon Art in Anime fighting simulator is a bit famous among others. We will discuss it later in this article. Furthermore, earlier, the game wasn’t too famous but gradually, with every new update, the makers amazed the players with the developments in the game. As a result, the game has right now crossed more than 500 million active players with so many positive responses. Further, the game is available on both Mobile phones and PCs.

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How to Play Anime Fighting Simulator?

In this game, an anime fan can make his fantasies a reality. Why? The gameplay is designed in such a way that a player can experiment with different powers. Like, if a player wants to see Goku and Naruto fighting, he can. If he/she wants to play one of the characters and use those powers, then also he can. But, there are some restrictions and limitations, so a player must follow those, and he must get the character. Now, as an RPG, a player can level up, increase their stats or play one character. Also, he can either train himself or he can take help from different anime characters.

Anime Fighting Simulator
Anime Fighting Simulator

Like, if a player wants Levy to train him, then he can set it to auto-train him. Generally, players focus on their stats more in the game, so powerful anime characters can help them increase the same. Well, Roblox also releases some codes, time to time, and these codes help the player to boost their stats instantly to some extend. Also, the world allows the players to roam around, explore it and take fights. But, the game isn’t easy as it sounds or looks.

The level of the game increases and surges the difficulty level of it too. So, do you think you need friends for the game? Anime Fighting Simulator allows you to bring your friends along with you, but if you are a follower of anime, then even if you play solo, it doesn’t matter. And if a player wants fun, then he can also call his squad for extra fun. Well, if you have your Anime Boss, then never think twice and be the best squad ruling over the match.

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What is Demon Art?

See the name Demon Art, and just like the name, this ability has demonic and dangerous powers. Demon Art is such a powerful ability with three strong powers that can help gamers to finish the enemies instantly. The game didn’t have this ability earlier, and the makers decided to add it on August 7, 2021. On this date, the 19th update of the game was also out, so the update brought the thrilling ability. Now, if a player is an iOS or Android user, then he can use it just by clicking on the icon given in the top center of the screen. But for the PC players, it’s not the same, of course, they can use it if they click on the key which they have bound it to.

Further, Demon Art has three moves till now that can be used. Firstly, it is the Annihilation type. In this type, a player has to move forward to the enemy with all his forces, and a shockwave is created that is so powerful that it can destroy all the enemies in its range. The second power in the Demon Art is Compass Needle. With this power, a player can make patterns out of snow around him for a short period. Now, if an enemy comes into the area, he will have to deal with 50% of extra health loss. Thirdly, it is Air Type which is the most powerful ability in Demon Art.

With this power, a player can punch multiple times. And the speed is so much that even the player can get confused. Under its influence, all the enemies that are in its range will certainly get defeated because it generates shockwaves with the help of punches. Furthermore, Demon Art seems to be so exciting and thrilling that players appear satisfied with it. However, some players are just listening or reading about Demon Art but not getting it, and they keep on asking that where they can get these abilities under Demon Art. So, read further, as we have the answer.

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How to Get Demon Art in Anime Fighting Simulator?

As we all know that to get the best, we must work hard, be it in a game or in real life. So, in Anime Fighting Simulator, a player must be ready, and he/she must have the power to get Demon Art. Also, the game skills matter a lot. So, the one who has given his precious time to the game might be the one who can get it. Well, we are talking about game skills because, in the end, a player will have to beat a powerful boss to get what he desires. As mentioned earlier, the game isn’t so easy as it has a lot to provide you with in terms of a better gaming experience.

So, let’s start with the step,

Step 1: Start the game and check your stats, levels, and powers. That’s because if you don’t have powerful abilities, then fighting with the boss will be of no use. If you are lacking somewhere, then practice or play first.

Step 2: Now, fly high in the sky and start moving towards Dimension 5. Well, it’s time to find the boss and get Demon Art.

Step 3: In the next step, you have to tap on Zenitsu so that you can move into the train. Now, ride the train to find the boss.

Step 4: As you get the Akaza boss, start grinding him so that you can defeat him to get Demon Art.

But, if you are unable to defeat Akaza, then there’s no power as a reward for you, but if you are able to defeat him, then the Demon Art is for you. After the fights get over, there will be a result on your screen, and there the game will show you the details on the damage dealt and the rewards.

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