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How To Get Crown On Your Profile TikTok & What Does it Signify?

How To Get Crown On Your Profile TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform used worldwide. It is constantly establishing new functionality to keep the app thrilling and interesting for each user. But the most recent addition of some features is causing a lot of uncertainty. In the last several days, crowns have been appearing on top of people’s profile pictures and profiles. TikTok users have noticed that some users now have crowns on their profiles. It is a gold crown with red and blue jewels and purple whirls that rests on top of the user’s profile picture. The crown is a pretty supplement to your profile. Someone receives a crown on their profile picture when they have been using the new Magic Animation effect. The Magic Animation is only the most recent sign that TikTok intends to continue rolling out new special effects that users will be able to play within the app.

Trends roll through the app extremely quickly, which is one of the major challenges that TikTok faces as it tries to keep its user base involved so that it won’t change to a different platform. The result is like the popular Cartoon-style Filter which has gone viral from last year and makes you look like a cartoon figure from a Disney movie. To get a crown, all you need to do is use that filter. On the other hand, some users get crowns on their profiles. A crown is considered a sacred grail and loved by every TikTok follower out there. But only the best be able to see the crown on their profile and the rest is just left daydreaming about it. Owners of the crown are like the higher-ups of TikTok and are considered the real influential figures.

You must have noticed a certain blue tick on some particular profile on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media sites. These blue tick on their profile, confirms their verification on the platform. Here blue ticks or checkmarks have been addressed as verification badges and demonstrate that the account has been linked to that celebrity. So similarly in TikTok, the crown does the same thing and is displayed instead of that blue badge.

These strange things help TikTok to make up its own identity and be distinctive from its equivalents. the crown essentially means that the user has turned into an influential person on their platform. The crown is given to those who are very popular and have set up a good reputation on the app. It gives a royalty feel to the user and makes him a powerful position on the app. But not everyone will be able to accomplish the crown although it is also true to achieve this the user must be with a certain true determination that you will be able to achieve a crown or turn into a crowned user on TikTok.

How To Earn A Crown On TikTok?

Bear in mind the fact that only certain users get crowns on their TikTok profile. To get crown on the profile the user must be extremely popular on the site and their content must be well-received by each other user of TikTok. The user at the same time must be an active participant and make it big due to their creativity. The user must be a notable celebrity and popular among the people.

How To Get Crown On Your Profile TikTok?


How To Obtain A Crown On Your Profile Picture On TikTok?

To get a crown on your TikTok profile photo follow the below steps.

Open TikTok and click on the “+” symbol to add a new video. On to the left of the camera button, you could see an option for “effects.” Click on it. Then click on an icon that looks like a face set against a shimmering orange background. Then film a video when you use this effect and then post it. But the video just needs to be a few moments long. When the video is published, your profile photo will automatically have the crown added. The procedure is so simple which is also one of the reasons among so several users to add crowns to their profile pictures. The crown effect is not radical, TikTok trend that has been developed in the last few days as users have already started to play with the recently turned out effect.

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