How To Find a Tiktok Video You Lost After Refreshing?

how to find a tiktok video after refreshing
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Tiktok does not have the button of Watch History for showing the watched videos’ history despite the growing popularity of the application. So, how to find a Tiktok video you lost after refreshing? Yes, today we are going to explain everything where to find the videos which one have lost after accidentally refreshing the feed. It is not only in Tiktok but even in other social media platforms wherein the refreshing leads to the loss of the posts or videos. But, it is not difficult to find the posts or videos on other platforms in comparison. It is high time that one needs to know how to search for the recently refreshed videos in the app.

The new year is not so happy as we can see many of our favorite couples splitting up with the advent of the new chapters in their lives. Rumors have been spinning around about Megan Thee Stallion parting her ways from Pardison Fontaine. The couple has been dating since 2020 and lit the internet on fire with their stunning pictures. However, the couple has sparked breakup rumors several times even before publicly, but the recent reports seem pretty sure that the couple is no longer together.

Megan Thee Stallion is always on the streaming either for her spectacular collaborations with other singers or her relationship status. Probably the only great rapper with a college degree and earning pretty wealth since then, Megan Thee Stallion has been rolling around the buzz ever since she entered the industry. Her love life has always been a hot topic for conversation especially after taking a closer look at the lyrics of her songs. The common curiosity has been whether her lyrics are inspired by her special one. And the rapper quite satisfied the audience after confirming the dating rumors with Pardison. But the breakup talks are a big shocker, So let’s take a look at the reason behind the breakup rumors popular all over the internet.

Megan Thee Stallion And Pardi attending the news photos
When did Megan Thee Stallion and Pardison Fontaine first meet?

The rumors of the two rappers being together were a total shocker for all the audiences as the two were never seen together before. However, the speculations were started back in July 2020, when in her Instagram live session, Megan mentions having a boyfriend. Since then the two were assumed to be dating but no confirmation was given by any of them at the start. What intrigued the audience the most was when Megan posted a channel bag which she received as a gift.

Meanwhile, Pardi posted of leaving the Channel showroom with several bags in his hand as gifts. This cant is coincident and hence the fans assumed the two were together. Several hints were dropped down when Megan commented on Pardi’s photo saying Body-Ody to which Pardi replied “You look how Lamborghinis drive !!!”.

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Did Megan Thee Stallion And Pardison Breakup?

Megan sparked the breakup rumors when she removed all the photos of her from her Instagram handle. The fans noticed Megan taking an off from social media after the sudden illness. The rumors lit the fire when she didn’t wish her boyfriend Pardison on his birthday publicly. This took the fans to her Instagram where she removed every single post with Pardi. Later, Pardi took to his Instagram handles to confirm the breakup rumors. The reason for the breakup is not confirmed by any of the rappers but some allegations are up on the internet.

Megan Thee Stallion celebrates one-year anniversary with Pardi
What happened Between Megan Thee Stallion And Pardison?

Pardison brings it to his Instagram handle and denies the domestic violence allegations against him. Pardi claims that no one is touching no one especially not in that way. The internet is buzzing up with unverified rumors of Megan Thee Stallion lashing out on Fontaine when she’s drunk. Some stories reveal that Megan is a mean drunk and that could be a major reason for their breakup. But neither Megan nor Pardison has confirmed whether they’ve really parted their ways or it’s just an intentional act.

Certain Instagram lives were posted with Pardi and Megan having an argument that ended up putting allegations on Megan. But after Pardi refused all the allegations, it is quite sure that the reason for deleting or archiving the Instagram photos is something else. And the final utterances of the breakup are not confirmed yet as both of the rappers denied talking about it. Moreover, Megan seems to divert all the audience reaching out on her social media handle to her new release and collaborations. The wap rapper recently shared a post regarding her collaboration with the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos & Doritos.

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The user only understands the agony of losing the videos or feeds that they were watching. Tiktok did have the option of videos history of Tiktok, but it is not available for all the users. The hidden view feature is another thing that shows the Titktok videos’ watched history of an account. Most of the users may probably know about the option and realize that they have already watched so many videos. But, the option is somewhat related to the cache, and if the cache is deleted, so is the history of everything. Thus, one must know to find videos that they lost while refreshing the feed on Tiktok.

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How To Find a Tiktok Video You Lost After Refreshing?

Tiktok directly has not included the watch videos history option, but it did give the option of finding the videos one has lost after refreshing it. Firstly, the finder has to make sure that there are no updates pending of the Tiktok on any play store, whether it be Google or iPhone. Now, tap the search bar after going to the Discovery tab. Now, search for the video in the bar after remembering as much as or any keywords of the video. 

However, do not click enter or search for the video in the bar. Instead, click on the filter buttons that are in the upper right corner next to the search field. It will allow the user to refine their search, including the application of some filters. After that, the user has to apply the filter watched videos within the last seven days. Then, the application will automatically display the result. It could even be the case that the video you are searching for could be at the top of the result, considering the application of the filter and keywords.

how to find a tiktok video you lost after refreshing
Tiktok home account page

Requesting Data File For Watching History on Tiktok

Another option for getting the history of watched videos on Tiktok is the request of the data files. But, the user has to wait for almost a day to get the data files. Furthermore, the data file will also consist of other personal data such as login history, followers list, like list, etc. First, open the settings and privacy menu by clicking on the three dots at the right-hand corner of the Me icon. After that, click on the privacy option from the account header section.

Now, another page will get displayed with several options included in it. Click on the personalization and data option that would take the user to another page with three options. Out of the three options, click on the download your data option. It will further take the user to another page from wherein the user could request their data file. It has two tabs, requests data and download data. Click on the request data file on the request data tab to get the data and wait for a day for its arrival.

TitTok Lost videos in Refreshing
Tiktok privacy settings

Then, move to the download data tab, which is on the right side of the request data tab. There will be a pending button instead of a download in the download data tab. It means that Tiktok is still processing the data file of the user and usually takes twenty-four hours for its arrival. If the file is available for downloading, then the same pending button will get changed to the download button. One could download the file within four days as it will not be available after that. It is also necessary to verify the Tiktok account of the user for downloading the data file. 

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