How to do text to speech on Tiktok? Full Guide

Tiktok is such a platform where people showcase their skills, be it’s something funny, dancing, or any acting. Several filters are coming up each day and it’s getting popular. Likewise, there is something new arrived on the said platform. It’s text-to-speech. I’m sure you have heard of this technology earlier as it’s not new. Text to speech is a great tool for making the videos more inclusive and reaching out to a broader number of audiences. Not only that, but it also makes the content much more entertaining.

Many people using Tiktok daily, still don’t know how to use the text to speech on Tiktok. In this article, we will cover up the required steps to use the tool. Another interesting fact of using this feature is it will help in serving the purpose of your content or whatever you are trying to put into your video. You will be happier to know, that after applying the text to speech to your Tiktok video, you can also put different hashtags and other captions before uploading it to the main site. Sounds amazing? For more details, you should dig into this article and stay with us till the very end.

How to do text to speech on Tiktok

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How to do text to speech on Tiktok? Explained

Many of you, must have heard about or have seen the new feature of the Tiktok but still aren’t aware of its usage. It’s a text-to-speech tool. To know the use of the feature, follow these five simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to record the video on the Tiktok platform.

Step 2: The next step is to tap ‘Text’ appearing at the bottom of your mobile screen, to add text in the video recorded.

Step 3: Whatever caption you want to overlay on the captured video, type it.

Step 4: Now, you need to tap on the text that is overlaid on the video. A mini menu pops up.

Step 5: Select the first category under the mini-menu that pops up on the screen. The first category says ‘Text-to-speech’.

How to do text-to-speech on Tiktok
How to use the Text-to-speech feature on Tiktok

Now, you are good to go! Your video will play with the text-to-speech feature applied. After this, another good thing still lies there. You can edit the text, shorten or increase the duration of the text only by tapping on the text.

After this, you can add a caption with hashtags (if you wish to). Otherwise, just post it to the main site. Now, you can teach your friends if they wish to add the text-to-speech feature to their Tiktok video.

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Extras: The Voice of text-to-speech

The original voice of text-to-speech on the platform Tiktok is assumed to be of Beverly Standing. She is a voice actor who didn’t give consent to use her voice for the application. So she sued the company and after that, the voice changed. Unfortunately, some people using Tiktok aren’t liking the voice of text-to-speech. They are looking different ways so that they can swap out the voice with a nice one. But, there isn’t any way out for this.

Using the text-to-speech feature, one can also narrate a story recorded in the video, create conversations, and have other great uses. You need to find some creative ways for which you can use the feature and gain several likes and views on your video. If you like this tool, you must rethink the content of the videos you make, to use the feature. To date, text-to-speech has earned the majority of positive comments from the public.

I hope this article was helpful. What are you waiting for? Do check out the text-to-speech feature on Tiktok and start using it. It’s super easy, simple and makes the video more inclusive. Not only that, it gives access to the audience in a broader sense. Thank you for reading this article till the last word.

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