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How To Do The Celebrity Look-Alike Filter on Tiktok?

How to do a celebrity look-alike filter on Tik Tok? A big question and task. Well, no. It is not that huge or herculean’s task. Let’s start from the beginning. What is a celebrity look-alike filter? As we know, it is a filter. Recently, it has got a seat among the most popular filters on Tik Tok. It is a filter that makes one resemble to look like the chosen celebrity. So, let’s say I want to look like a celebrity ‘XYZ,’ then will make my face fit into that celebrity’s face making me look like him/her. There are many filters on Tik Tok, and lately, this filter is becoming popular and most used.

Well, this filter is called ‘Shifting Filter,’ and it allows you to see who you resemble the most. In short, it helps you find the person whose resemblance is seen maximum in you. However, you can even select a particular celebrity or your friend or Disney princess or prince, and you can make yourself look alike the selected character. Moreover, using Shifting Filter is not rocket science, so rest assured. It is as simple as using other filters. Also, people might have different ways to use this Shifting Filter. And I’ll try to cover the easiest among them.

How to use Shifting Filter?

Firstly, download the TikTok application from the Apps Store. Then, register yourself on Tik Tok. It will request some of your information like name, date of birth, fill in the right information. After filling out the information and opening an account on Tik Tok, we can get started. To use Shifting Filter on Tik Tok, you have to make a video of yourself. So, create a new Tik Tok video on the app first. Then, after creating a video, you will have an ‘Effects’ option. You can find that option on the bottom, mostly in the left-hand corner. Then, choose the shifting filter among the numerous filters in there. The shifting filter has a logo featuring a face of a cartoon with a landscape on its face. So, select it.

After that, upload photos in which there are many people are present. Or simply upload many faces in it. You will get an option to upload the photos right after selecting the Shifting Filter. And then hit the red button, which will appear there, after selecting pictures. Then, it will do the work and tell you the results. It will choose the person or character with whom your face resembles the most. Like if you have uploaded a picture of Disney princesses, then the filter will select the one princess who looks likes you. Or you can say, you like that princess since they were here before us. So, that’s how the Shifting Filter works for the resemblance thing. But if you want to look like a particular person, let’s say you want to look like Snow White, then you can also do that thing.

How to like the desired celebrity?

Get Celebrity Like Face on Tik Tok

Get Celebrity Like Face on Tik Tok

Well, for this, you need to save the picture of that celebrity on your phone. Or if it is any fictional character, then do the same with it. It is just a filter, so you don’t need to look exactly like the character you are selecting. But selecting a person who bears a maximum resemblance to you will turn into great results. However, make sure to download the picture on your phone. After saving a picture, go to the Tik Tok app and make a video of yourself. Then, go to the effects section and choose the Shifting effect. You will get to see many available videos there.

So, after choosing the effect, upload the photo of a celebrity or fictional character or of the desired face you want. And wait for the filter to work. It doesn’t take that long. But after hitting the red button in there, you will see that your face is slowly transforming into the person you have selected. Let me make it clear that it will only happen inside your phone, not in reality. And that’s it. You have got the face of the person you have selected. Hurrah!! Do it with all the faces you are interested in.

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