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How To Develop A Platform Like Tiktok Effect House?

Today, we shall discuss the ways to develop a platform like Tiktok Effect House. Do you remember the time when you get an eye test through an AR app to get your optical lens? Digital space requires an AR filter to create content. If you are using the same on Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat or any other social media platforms, there is a possibility that it would have been built by their in-house developers.

Nowadays, Tiktok filters have become a major common thing for users. A platform that will help in creating these filters will make a rise in the Tiktok effects. Also, new applications will come up taking the effect AR route. Even if you aren’t an expert or a non-developer in this, we will make things easier for you. This year, in April, Tiktok was made live so that the users can make their AR filters to be used in the application itself. Before learning the ways to build a Tiktok Effect House, we need to know what it is. Let’s dive in.

Tiktok Effect House

Tiktok Effect House

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Tiktok Effect House: Everything To Know


Tiktok Effect House is a platform for users to create AR filters. Well, people can make it ranging from 3D elements to both animation and face effects. The application also has a Knowledge Lab and tutorial section where the experts have provided demos on the studio. In this case, the audience is only the users of social media.


Not just on social media, AR filter applications are also useful for messaging platforms, security businesses and many more.

Better Privacy– Users can hide their location, even during zoom meetings and also in situations when people are stalking them.

Sales Upliftment– It has become an engagement mode by getting more customers. Several industries like E-commerce, retail and social media have witnessed a rise in sales through the AR filters getting incorporated.

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The Tiktok House Effect comes up with the following features:

• Creation Of Filters– It helps the users to build 3D and 2D elements, animation, face effects, shadowing, lighting and scenes. With the help of mixing all these and others like time, movement, etc, people can create their Tiktok AR filters on the platform itself.

Tutorials– Not everyone can find it easy. But, this is also true that it’s not just possible for the experienced developers but also for others can do. It offers tutorials, as mentioned above. Self-help guides are available.

Tracking and Detection– It helps to track and detect body positions and postures, especially in 3D. The users can create assets by aligning them with the movements of the body.

Managing and Sharing Feasibility– The users should be given the ease to edit the filter before it’s made live. Later, you can share the video on any of the social media platforms. Also, thereafter you can track the performance in terms of how it has been used.

Monetary Accumulation

How can you earn money from the Tiktok Effect House? Following are the ways you think-

Subscription Model– You can allow a monthly membership fee to the users and later charge an amount for monthly, quarterly and yearly membership.

Paid Features– Don’t allow all the filters for free. You can make some of them paid. Those are usually from the beautification elements.

What are you waiting for? If you are into creating a Tiktok Effecr House, now you are good to go.

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