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How To Defeat Golden Wolflord In Genshin Impact?

How To Defeat Golden Wolflord In Genshin Impact

There are many bosses in Genshin Impact. Some are easy to defeat, while some require preparations before confronting them. Golden Wolflord is one of those bosses that require preparations before confronting this flying beast. Who is this Golden Wolflord, and where is it situated? How does one defeat the Golden Wolflord? In this blog, we will discuss in detail about the tips to defeat it Golden Wolflord in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact is an action-adventure gacha inspired video game. miHoYo released Genshin Impact in 2020 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

There are plans for a release on Nintendo Switch at a later date, maybe in quarter 4 of 2022. Genshin Impact follows a traveler who gets separated from his sibling during their travel. The game then follows traveler in search of their sibling, all the while getting entangled in the affairs of the nations of Tevyat, the fictional world Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact allows open-world exploration, along with a co-op feature. miHoYo adds new quests and characters every update. Genshin Impact has been very successful critically and commercially for the developers.

Golden Wolflord: Who Is It And Where Is It Situated?

Golden Wolflord is a Boss character in Genshin Impact, found in the southern peninsula of Tsurumi Island in Inazuma nation. This creature is from the Abyss, also known as Void Realm. Golden Wolflord is a Geo Element creature. A ruler of Riftwolves, who can dissolve space.

genshin impact

Golden Wolflord

This creature is a Normal Boss type, meaning it will respawn after the player leaves its dedicated area after defeating it.  

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How To Defeat Golden Wolflord In Genshin Impact?

Golden Wolflord is a floating boss creature like the Rifthounds. But this creature makes it almost impossible for any melee attacks, so the best options are the ranged characters. VentiTartagliaYolmiya, and Kujou Sara are some of the best-ranged combat characters. Wolflord’s attack, if connected, will instill Corrosion status on the players. This status will drain the HP of the active character every second. So the second important thing for the players is bringing in a healer character. Sangonomiya Kokomi, Noelle, and Barbara Pegg are some of the best healer characters. 

genshin impact

Golden Wolflord

The fight with Golden Wolflord is a two-phase fight. In the first phase, Wolflord will constantly float in the air, it is here where the ranged-combat character will come to use. The players have to attack it constantly while it’s in the air. 

Another requirement, but not necessary, for this fight, is to bring some Geo-element characters, as they are most effective toward Golden Wolflord. 

Golden Wolflord will throw some attacks on the players, which players have to avoid. Some normal attacks include:

  • Skull Strike: Wolflord will send a set of three wolves’ skulls toward the character. These skulls will inflict an Area of Effect Geo element damage. This attack is easy to evade.
  • Laser Beam – Once Wolflord lunges back to the opposite side of the character, know that the Laser Beam attack is coming. The player must run around the attack and slowly toward the Wolflord for evading this attack. 
  • Swipe – Wolflord will swipe its tail very quickly in a Swipe attack. This attack usually comes when the player is near or behind the enemy. Retreating back is the best to avoid this attack. 

After avoiding these attacks, Golden Wolflord will surely use more damage inflicting and dangerous attacks. After these attacks, it will be stunned for some time. Players can attack as much as they want after it is stunned. 

  • Tornado – Wolflord will generate a massive tornado, which will move around the arena, generally following the character. This attack deals massive Geo damage. The players will have to run away from this attack until it is over. After this attack, Wolflord will not move for a while. 
genshin impact

Golden Wolflord’s Tornado Attack

  • Wolflord’s Ramming Strike – Wolflord will ram near the player with its huge body with a vast Area-of-Effect Geo damage. The best way to avoid this attack is to run towards the grassy area of the arena or the very corner of the arena. 

The first phase of the fight ends when the players bring the health of Golden Wolflord between 65 and 75 percent mark. In the second phase, Wolflord will generate a shield. This shield will make Wolflord immune to any damage. Alongside the shield, it will also spawn three wolves’ skulls. These skulls will throw projectiles toward the player inflicting physical damage. 

genshin impact

Golden Wolflord

The only way to defeat Wolflord during this phase is to charge its wolves’ skulls with elements, the Geo element being the most effective. After fully recharged, skulls will launch themselves toward the Wolflord. After all three have charged toward the Wolflord, the shield will get destroyed, thus stunning it in the process. This is the best time for the players to defeat Wolflord. It will fall in the arena for a long time. 

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