How To Cancel Apple Music Subscription? The Full Guide

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Apple music

How to cancel Apple Music subscription? The way we absorb music has altered dramatically, from record players and tapes to MP3 players and iPods. Now, streaming services are the fundamental means of accessing music for most people. Although it wasn’t a pioneer in this area, Apple Music has become one of the most popular services among music enthusiasts, and the service is top-rated in the United States. But what if you change your mind about membership?

In any circumstance, if you’re not certain whether you want to continue further with Apple Music after the free trial, or if you don’t enjoy the service and want to know and try another service, you can choose your Apple Music service at any time. Music subscriptions can be canceled. Which will impede your card from charging after the three-month trial period. Read further on to know how to cancel your Apple Music subscription. The process will also save you from losing your playlist.

What is apple music?

Apple Music is a music streaming service initiated by Apple in 2015 after it developed Beats Electronics in 2014. The latter included Beats Music’s subscription streaming service, which was later discontinued by Apple. Apple Music permits you to stream any song in your iTunes catalog on-demand, as well as you can discover all your music in one place, whether purchased from iTunes, downloaded from the web, or CD copied from. Isn’t it cool?

Apple music
Apple music

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What it furnishes you with

  • Recommendations based on your musical tastes;
  • Internet radio (including Beats 1 station);
  • The mastery to save songs to your device to listen to them offline;
  • Playlists compiled by experts;

Integration on iOS devices with Siri Assistant.

How much is the pricing for apple music Paid subscriptions that restore every month are a popular fee model for various Apple services and devices ((iPhones, iDevices, Apple TV, and Mac)? As a consequence, users have continuous access to services such as music, news, videos, etc. The fee is charged monthly or annually. For example, once you approve of Apple Music, you will automatically be charged after the free trial period unless you abolish the subscription. For this reason, you should learn how to cancel your paid Apple Music subscription.

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Apple music theme
How to unsubscribe from Apple music

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Apple Music Pricing: Individual, Student, and Family Plans

Apple Music offers several subscription plans to its users.

Subscription costs $9.99 per month for a distinctive user. A family plan, on the extra hand, is more affordable, as it contributes to the full Apple Music experience for up to six people. The family plan costs $14.99 per month. If you’re going to college, Apple has a special student plan that’s 50% cheaper than the regular plan. remember that!

Student subscription, at $4.99/month, and Personal subscription at $9.99/month (with three free trial months) have similar features: listening to music with or without internet connection, no ads, access to original content, etc. The Family plan, at $14.99/month, enables you to have up to six accounts (one for each member) and share music and iTunes purchases.

What is the biggest con it has

Apple Music is not available in all countries or regions

One of the downsides of Apple Music is the fact that not everyone can try it. Even if there is an Apple Store in your country and you have the crucial support for Apple devices, there can be crises with downloading and using Apple Music. So before you get too excited about a service that so many admire, make sure it’s available in your country.

Apple music mobile app
How to unsubscribe from Apple music

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How to use Apple Music for free

If you’re a new Apple Music user, the best thing you can do is get a free 3-month trial. Simply download the app to your device, enter your ID details, choose a subscription plan, and that’s it! During the free trial period, the service will not charge you at all. After the free trial, you will be automatically billed every month. but do not worry. If you do not like the characteristics provided by Apple, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

How to cancel an Apple Music subscription

Music by Apple automatically initiates the update once you’ve pursued their subscription plan. The service will charge you with a standard monthly subscription after the 3-month free trial is over. If you no longer wish to continue, you must deactivate automatic subscription renewal before the billing day.

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How to cancel Apple Music on iPhone or iPad:
1. Open the app and tap Listen Now, then tap the icon with your initials.

2. Tap Manage Subscriptions.

3. Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm your action.

Apple music unsubscribe through app
Apple music unsubscribe

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How to revoke an Apple Music subscription but maintain your playlists and music library? Maybe you just want to cancel the free trial of Apple Music so you won’t be charged or want to switch to a different service. For whatever motive, if you prefer to discontinue your Apple Music subscription, here’s everything you crave to know.

You should infer that there is no need to dawdle until one day before the successive billing day to cancel Apple Music. You can cancel an Apple Music subscription now and you can access it until the subsequent billing date. That is to say, if you get a trial of Apple Music, you can discontinue it now and still enjoy Apple Music for free for 3 months. There are a few ways to manage your Apple Music subscription, but none of them is extremely evident. You can heed the points given below according to the device you are using.

Unsubscribe through the Apple Music app

1. Launch the Music app on your iPhone and tap the For You tab at the bottom. From the For You page, tap the profile icon in the upper right corner.

3. Next, tap on Manage Subscription to continue.

4. You can now hit Cancel subscription or Cancel trial if you’re using Apple Music’s free trial. Confirm tab and then you have successfully revoked your Apple Music.

How to unsubscribe Apple music
How to unsubscribe from Apple music

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Cancel via Settings

If you’ve uninstalled the Music app, you can nonetheless cancel Apple Music on your iPhone. Just go to Settings > Your profile picture > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Apple Music. From there, you can hit Cancel Subscription to end your Apple Music subscription. When you request to view Apple ID you may be asked to authenticate your Apple ID using a password, Touch ID, or Face ID.

Cancel Apple Music in iTunes you can also end your Apple Music subscription with iTunes on your PC or Mac. To get started just follow the steps below.

1. Launch iTunes on your computer or Mac.

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2. Click the Accounts option on the main menu bar and select View My Account.

3. Now enter your Apple ID password and click on Sign In. This will fetch you to your Apple ID account page.

4. Scroll down to the Settings section. To the right of Subscriptions, click Manage.

5. You should now see all active subscriptions for your Apple ID. If you have an active subscription other than Apple Music, click Apple Music Membership. You can then click on Cancel Subscription and it will give you a pop-up for confirmation.

How to unsubscribe music by apple
How to unsubscribe from Apple music

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Unsubscribe on Android

1. Install Apple Music on your Android phone if you don’t have it, and then launch it.

2. Sign in to your Apple account. Then tap on the three-dot icon in the top left corner and select Account Settings.

3. In the Account Settings page, select Manage Subscriptions. Now tap Cancel subscription or Cancel trial to end your Apple Music subscription.

Even after you cancel an Apple Music subscription, you can still access it until the next billing day. During the time before your Apple Music subscription expires, you will be notified to subscribe to Apple Music again to keep your music. If you’re determined to give up Apple Music, there’s a way to keep your playlists. Just read on.

Thereupon after your subscription expires. Songs you downloaded from the Apple Music catalog will be discarded from all your devices. The music you buy from iTunes will be removed from your device but you can download them again without paying. As you know, iCloud Music Library allows you to access your entire iTunes library. If you’ve added your music to iCloud Music Library, they’ll be there, but you can’t access them unless you subscribe to Apple Music again. Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not offer a free version. All playlists you create become inaccessible after cancellation. If you want to keep all your playlists or transfer playlists to another music streaming service. We are here for your help.


Apple music
How to unsubscribe from Apple music

How to revoke Apple Music but keep your playlist?

No matter how long you’ve been using Apple Music, you’ve certainly established one or surplus playlists that you love to hear to. It’s advised that you import all of your Apple Music playlists into one file in case you never subscribe to Apple Music again. Whenever you subscribe to another music service, you can easily import all your playlists via File.
If you decide to switch to another music streaming service, for example, Spotify, you can convert Apple Music playlists to Spotify for free.

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