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What To Expect From How To Be Thirty Episode 12?

How To Be Thirty Main Theme Photo
How To Be Thirty Main Theme Photo (Credit:

“How To Be Thirty” is an ongoing South Korean Drama Based on a webtoon called Born in 1985 (also popularly known as Something about thirty and Not Yet Thirty). The genres of the drama include comedy, romance, and drama. This currently ongoing series is directed by Oh Ki Hwan, and the screenwriter is Jung Yi-Jin. It has already surpassed 13 million cumulative views in just 2 weeks of airing.

The story involves the main female lead Seo Ji Won, who had forsaken her love life to focus on her career. She is a famous online based cartoon artist and is quite successful in her career. At the age of 31, she meets her long-lost first love which she had not met for 15 years. It is also a story of a group of friends who are all in their early thirties. Apart from the cartoon artist, one of them is a cafe owner, and another one is a radio reporter. They are dealing with their professional and well as personal lives.  The romantic drama casts Jung In-sung, Kang Min-hyuk, Ahn Hee-Yeon, Song Jae-rim, Cha Min-Ji, and Baek Sung-Chul.

Love Unexpected

A still from How To be Thirty featuring characters Ji Won and Seung Yoo (Credit:

“How To Be Thirty” Episode 12 Release Date

How To Be Thirty Episode 12 release date is set for April 3, 2021. New episodes air every Tuesday and Saturday. The currently airing drama has a very different perspective towards love as compared to other dramas. Love and relationships portrayed in How To Be Thirty are very matured in nature. It looks at real-life aspects such as understanding each other and overcoming misunderstandings rather than just portraying love as butterflies in the stomach kind of a feeling. It also looks at how being single and alone at the age of 30 is liberating, yet sometimes it might be lonely. Thus, this drama is being enjoyed by an audience of a variety of age range.

Lee Ran Joo and Hyung Joon Young in How to be Thirty (Credit:

Lee Ran Joo and Hyung Joon Young in How to be Thirty (Credit:

Recap of “How To Be Thirty” Episode 11

The episode starts with Hong Ah Young asking Hyung Joon Young to look after Lee Ran Joo as her show was stopped abruptly by the radio. The show was very close to her heart and left her heartbroken.

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After Joon Young left, she was cleaning up her cafe called Cafe Arena, and she got a text from her ex-boyfriend. She tried picking up her phone while both her hands were engaged in holding coffee and cherries, as a result of which she crashed against the counter of glasses and injured herself. She felt lonely and started crying and ended up calling Seo Ji Won, her best friend. Seo Ji Won arrived almost immediately after the incident, even though her own relationship was falling apart. Later both of them discussed problems they were facing in their lives. Then, Ah Young advised Ji Won to either leave Lee Seung Yoo or have him completely.

Hyung Joon Young stayed over at Lee Ran Joo’s place. The next morning Joon Young and Lee Ran Joo admit their feelings for each other. Ji Won decides to appoint a different Assistant Manager for her work to avoid Seung Yoo. Ji Won was walking down the street with Director Cha Do Hoon and discussing her work “Like a watercolor”. They come across Lee Seung Yoo, who was quite upset to see Ji Won with Cha Do Hoon. He was about to pick up a fight when Jo Win tries to control the situation. After the Director leaves, Lee Seung Yoo asks whether Ji Won knows Lee Hye Ryeong.


What to expect in Episode 12 of “How To Be Thirty”

In episode 12 of “How To Be Thirty”, it can be expected that Ji Won and Seung Yoo are fighting over Hye Ryeong and Seung Yoo admits that he loves Ji Won. But, Ji Won does not believe him. Hye Ryeong asks Seung Yoo that why he is so much dedicated to loving Seung Yoo. Hye Ryeong does not give up on Seung Yoo. A scene can be seen in the ending montage, where Hye Ryeong comes running towards Seung Yoo. Seung Yoo opens the umbrella to help Ji Won leave the office while it rains.

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Where to Watch “How To Be Thirty”

The drama is available on the original network Daum Kakao and Viki Rakuten, along with the subtitles in many different languages without any subscription. The first episode aired on Daum KakaoTV on  February 23, 2021. A new episode is released every Tuesday and Saturday at 5:00 pm (KST). Till now, 11 episodes have been aired. One can also find certain short clips of the same on Youtube uploaded by the authentic channel of Viki Rakuten.