How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1 – Journey to a Black Hole

Spoilers and Recap: How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1
How the Universe Works Title Card - credit Discovery Channel

How the Universe Works is a Science Documentary TV series that brings us the answers to the most trivial questions about the universe. The show originally aired on the Discovery Channel later to which got switched to the Science Channel. in 2010. The episodes of the show are narrated by Mike Rowe and Erik Todd Dellums. How the Universe Works is generally a user guide to our cosmos. It takes us through the various phenomena including the big band, galaxies, stars, planets, etc. We, as humans often question the universe’s creation. How was the Universe Created? How does it work? This show makes use of global experts from organizations such as NASA and CERN to help us understand these workings while making use of CGI to demonstrate the phenomena as well.

Spoilers and Recap: How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1
The surface of the Sun – credit Science Channel

In this season of How the Universe Works, as we head towards the Black Hole, we will even be exploring galaxies’ hostility. Each galaxy is violent, Milky Way being one of the most prominent ones. The bigger the galaxy, the stronger it is, thus swallowing up the smaller galaxies. As we focus on our own solar system, the Sun sits at the heart of it. This season, we will discover much more about the Sun as the experts from NASA seek to understand it by making use of a special fleet of spacecraft. These space crafts will help the experts at NASA to have a closer look at the Sun as they travel through the Sun’s blazing atmosphere.

How the Universe Works Season 8 Episode 9 Recap

The Milky Way – credit Science Channel

How the Universe Works Season 8 Episode 9 titled “Earth’s Death Orbit” was released on 27th February 2020. The episode followed up on how Earth’s journey through the galaxy was a perilous one. It was discovered that if the planet were to continue on its course, one day it will reach a mysterious area. This area was called the Black Hole, which was one of the most dangerous places in the cosmos. Black Holes have the ability to suck in everything in their way thus possibly ejecting the Earth out of the Milky Way Galaxy and into oblivion.

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When will How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1 Release?

How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1 is set to be released on 24th March 2021. The episodes by How the Universe Works are set to be aired at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT every Wednesday. Be sure to change the above-mentioned time to your local time zone to watch the episode when it airs. You can watch the episodes by How the Universe Works when it airs on the Science Channel. The episodes can even be streamed on Science Channel’s Website and Discovery. The previous seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Amazon Prime Video has seasons 1-3 and Hulu has season 6 of the show. The runtime for each episode is nearly 43 minutes while a season usually has around 8-10 episodes.

How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1 Preview

Spoilers and Recap: How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1
M87 Black Hole – credit Science Channel

How the Universe Works Season 9 Episode 1 titled “Journey to a Black Hole” kicks off the new season as we dive deep into Black Holes. Messier 97 or popularly known as M87 is a giant elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo. The nucleus of this galaxy is known to have the Super Massive Black Hole. This Black Hole is the first one ever to be photographed and in this episode, we will be journeying through it. From the image captured, it was discovered that M87 is in fact over six billion times bigger than the sun. The total size of M87 was calculated to be a total of 23.6 billion miles across.

In this season’s premiere, we will witness the experts trying to make out the secrets of this famed Black Hole. During this, they will have overcome the blazing hot winds and death-ray jets. And out of all their hurdles, the most difficult will be the Event Horizon. An Event Horizon is the surface of the Black Hole. For escaping from it, one needs a velocity more than the speed of light. This place is known for its singularity of time and space where time stays still while the laws of physics fail.

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