How Strong Is Piccolo In Dragon Ball Super? Is He A Super Namekian?

Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super

Considering the way Piccolo stepped into the Dragon Ball Z series, a lot more was expected from him than how much he progressed by the Dragon Ball Super series. He literally blew up the Moon and killed Raditz with his Special Beam Cannon. However, ever since he absorbed Kami and fought Android 17 and Cell, the Z fighters got less and less dependant on his powers.

Sadly, Namekian’s evolution rate is nothing close to that of Saiyans. So, waiting for a Namekian God form is like waiting for a ship in the airport. It’s never coming, and we must accept the fact. However, the Tournament of Power showed that Piccolo still had quite a spark left in him. Despite his shortcomings, he has grown considerably strong than he was in Dragon Ball Z. But, how strong is Piccolo compared to the likes of Goku and Vegeta?

Is Piccolo A Super Namekian?

I don’t even know if Super Namekian is a real deal or just any strong Namekian is given that title. According to the Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug film, the Super Namekian is acquired when a Namekian unlocks a higher state of consciousness. Unlike Super Saiyan, it doesn’t have rage as a trigger and rather relies on absorbing other Namekians. If that’s true, yes, Piccolo had unlocked his Super Namekian form long ago since he absorbed Kami and Nail.

Super Namekians of Universe 6

We almost forgot the Super Namekian term till Dragon Ball Super brought them back in the Tournament of Power arc. Universe 6’s Saonel and Pilina became Super Namekians after absorbing countless Namekians of their planet. In their fight, Picollo once again proved that there isn’t a stronger Namekian than him in the entire multiverse. Similar to what he did against Nappa, Piccolo once again sacrificed himself so that Gohan could last a bit longer. (though he didn’t die this time)

How Strong Is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super?

Considering Piccolo’s recent fights in the Dragon Ball Super, Piccolo has grown a lot stronger. He held his ground against Frost’s final form and completely dominated Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 in their practice match. Although Gohan has been slacking a lot, it would be safe to assume that Super Saiyan 2 Gohan is still as strong as he was in the Cell Saga. (If not more)


Now, where does that place Piccolo in terms of power? He is most likely a little stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks from Buu saga and a little weaker than Gohan’s Ultimate form. He is miles behind compared to the level at which Goku and Vegeta have reached. I doubt if Piccolo can match Goku even in his base form and has become more of a hindrance in fights against potent opponents like Broly and Jiren.

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Can Piccolo Catch Up With Goku and Vegeta in the Future?

No, there’s absolutely no negligible hope of Piccolo ever catching up with the likes of Goku and Vegeta. The fact that the Saiyan duo is constantly evolving with each fight makes the task almost impossible for Piccolo. It’s true that Piccolo didn’t slack off from training like Gohan and impressed us with incredible progress. However, the power gap between him and Goku is so much that it can’t be narrowed down by sheer training.

So, the only other way for Piccolo to make him a relevant character again is by absorbing another potent Namekian.

Goku vs Piccolo

There’s only a handful of Namekians shown in the Dragon Ball Super series so far, so merging with any of them seems far-fetched. In the Dragon Ball Super Manga, an elderly Namekian is found on Planet Cereal. However, I doubt if he is strong enough to make any noticeable change in Piccolo’s power level.

Moreover, there isn’t any trace or reference of Piccolo ever since his epic fight in the Tournament of Power. He is probably training with Gohan, where both of them are trying to redeem their lost position. We are really looking forward to seeing the Piccolo supremacy that prevailed in the early Dragon Ball Z movies once again.

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