How Strong is Liebe in Black Clover? Powers and Abilities Explained

Liebe Powers and Abilities
Liebe Powers and Abilities

Asta’s Anti-magic has always been a mystery for us, and the author kept hinting towards a monster residing within him, much like Naruto Uzumaki. In the ongoing Spade Kingdom arc, Asta finally confronts Liebe, the devil that kept protecting him like some guardian deity. In the devil binding ritual, the two foster brothers faced each other in a duel and ended up agreeing to an equal-equal deal. Here, we bring together everything to know about the powers and abilities of Devil Liebe.

Both Liebe and Asta bear profound hatred towards the devils and desire to exterminate them all. Why won’t they? Lucifero killed the only motherly figure they had, and it’s high time for the grandmaster of devils to pay for his sins. We are gradually heading towards the final showdown with the Spade Kingdom devils, and it’s pretty clear that Asta and Liebe will be relying on each other’s strength to avenge Richita.

How did Liebe Enter the Human World?

Liebe was originally a low-ranking and magic-less devil from the first layer of the underworld, where the other devils tormented him. One day, a high-ranking devil threw him towards one of the underworld’s gates, hoping that he would die with the impact. However, since Liebe had no magic, he passed through the barrier undetected and stepped into the human world.

Liebe Powers and Abilities
Liebe and Richita

Liebe found his way to the Clover Kingdom, where the people were afraid of him and saw him as a threat. The Magic Knights showed up in no time and drove him out of the land. While aimlessly wandering through the woods, Liebe comes across Richita, Asta’s mother. She wasn’t after the devil and took him in as her own child. However, Liebe’s pleasant daydream turned into a nightmare when Lufifero tried to enter the human world by taking over Liebe’s body. Richita ended up sacrificing her life for Liebe and sealed him into the five-leaf clover grimoire to keep him safe. Ever since that fateful day, Liebe existed for the sole purpose of killing every devil in the underworld.

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What are the Powers and Abilities of Liebe?

Trapped inside the five-leaf grimoire, Liebe manifested the ability of Anti-Magic, which grew exponentially over time. It is a unique and useful ability that allows him to nullify magic. Even the strongest forms of magic have fallen before Anti-Magic, and the fact that not many people know about Anti-Magic makes it harder to deal with. Liebe and Asta learn to fly and use slash attacks with Anti-Magic, like any other type of magic-user.

Liebe Powers and Abilities
Liebe and Asta

You can say all the powers of Asta (except superhuman strength) is actually Liebe’s ability. Apart from Anti-Magic, Liebe has access to quite an array of swords that won him some of the impossible fights.

  • Demon-Slayer Sword: This sword can be enlarged depending on Anti-Magic invested in the edges of the sword, and the flat side of the sword can be used for deflecting spells. After his training in the Heart Kingdom, Asta learns to use it as an aerial ski-board.
  • Demon-Dweller Sword: This sword allows Asta to throw projectiles of Anti-Magic, thereby allowing him to pierce through magic spells and barriers from a distance. This explains why it was Licht’s favorite weapon to rely on.
  • Demon-Destroyer Sword: Asta’s third sword specializes in an ability called Causality break, which allows him to create tendril-like structures that can absorb or heal anyone from the aftereffects of the magic spells. It is among the few handpicked techniques that can negate Reincarnation magic.
  • Demon Slasher Katana: This was initially the infamous katana of Black Bull’s Captain Yami Sukehiro. In the decisive battle against Dante Zogratis, Yami hands this over to Asta, who immediately coats it with Liebe’s Anti-Magic. With this sword, Asta landed fatal blows on Dante and knocked him down. After Yami’s abduction, the overpowered weapon entered Asta’s grimoire as his fourth sword. Demon Slasher Katana’s unique ability is selective cutting, with which as can land his anti-magic slashes without worrying about harming his allies.

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