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How Old Was Milkha Singh? About The Legendary Figure

How Old Was Milkha Singh

Here, we will find out how old was Milkha Singh. Legendary sports figure Milkha Singh is best known after he secured the fourth-place finish in the 400 meters final at the Olympic Games back in 1960. Milkha Singh, also known as the Flying Sikh led the race to the 200m marks before easing off and letting others pass him. The race is still one of the most iconic moments in the world of sports. He was a man of bravery who refused to bow down to his difficult circumstances. The Flying Sikh flew high to the never-ending paths of glory.

Milkha Singh has been a living story of inspiration. As the sporting legend has been subjected to immense struggle in his childhood, after getting enrolled in the Indian army, Milkha Singh was introduced to the world of athlete, and his life changed for the better. The late Indian track and field sprinter has also been honoured with the prestigious Padma Shri award. From running away from the pangs of Partition to making History, Milkha Singh’s life is a story that many would remember as an inspiration. We will also see how old was Milkha Singh.

How Old Was Milkha Singh?

Milkha Singh has won as many as four Asian gold medals and finished fourth in the 400m final at the Rome Olympics in 1960. The legendary figure passed away due to COVID related complications. He was 91 years old. Milkha Singh had a difficult and traumatizing childhood as he saw his parents and sisters getting murdered during the Partition. Did you know that he was rejected three times while enrolling in the army? He got in the army on his fourth try.

How Old Was Milkha Singh

As the story goes, his father asked him to run to save his life. It is believed that he first ran for his life and then toward the road of victory. His story has been an inspiration for many as it was adapted for a biographical movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag starring Farhan Akhtar.

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How Did Milkha Singh Get The Nickname Of Flying Sikh?

When Pakistan’s second president Gen Ayub Khan was awarding the competitors their medals, he gave Milkha Singh the new nickname of Flying Sikh. As he explained that Milkha Singh did not run but flew in Pakistan. This nickname went on to stick with him for the rest of his life. He will always be known as the Flying Sikh. The Indian Prime Minister and President paid their last tribute to the late sprinter. As Farhan Akhtar pens down this heartfelt tweet for the late athlete. As the actor said, the late sprinter represented an idea. As an idea that is an inspiration for many. Have a look at the tweet given below.

Milkha Singh once revealed in an exclusive interview that he used to practice running for so long that he would often collapse and had to be admitted to the hospital. However, that did not weaken his determination. As the legend explained how they used to work for the applause, people’s appreciation inspired and motivated them as they ran for the country. While talking about his biopic, the late athlete explained how this story will be an inspiration for many more generations to come.

The Legendary Sprinter Passed Away Due To COVID-related Complications.

The sports world lost a gem as a renowned sprinter has passed away after succumbing to COVID related complications. Lead actor Farhan Akhtar who enacted with time. His wife also passed away a few days ago for COVID- related complications. Thousands poured in from people of all walks of life. They were present for Milkha Singh’s final journey today to pay the final respect to the iconic figure.

How Old Was Milkha Singh

Believe it or not but, Milkha Singh was the first Indian athlete to win an individual gold in a Commonwealth Games. This moment was commemorated by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who declared a national holiday on his request. Thousand gathered around to bid the iconic man a final goodbye. Legends like himself leave behind a story that will stay for an eternity.

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