How Old Is Holland, The Kpop Star?

Kpop singer and actor Holland is in the headlines for the recent release of his drama Ocean Likes Me and his confession regarding having a boyfriend. Holland is a popular figure in the South Korean Entertainment industry for his choice to come out as a gay artist. His music is also based on topics like LGBTQ and loving oneself. Holland believes that loving oneself is of utmost importance. Now, Holland has achieved a lot at a young age. So many are intrigued to know about his age. This article will answer your question. 

Fans are quite happy for the artist as he finally found a safe space for him where he could share details about his personal life. He had his share of struggles where he was bullied in school and agencies were reluctant after hearing his story of coming out. 

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How Old Is Holland?

Go Tae-seob or popularly known as Holland, is currently 26-year-old. Born on 4th March 1996, he came out as the first gay Kpop idol in Korea. His name is unique and lets many think about why he chose this. Well, his name is inspired by the Netherlands as it is often referred to as Holland. He chose this name as the Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex relationships, something still quite uncommon in South Korea.

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Through his music, he wants to tell people his story so that it influences people to share their stories as well. His decision comes largely from the fact that he was bullied when he was in school. He used to look up to various LGBTQ artists in the west and wanted a similar face to grow in Korea as well so that one doesn’t have to hide their identity while thinking about society.

Holland’s journey to his musical career has not been easy. He had to struggle because music agencies were backing off after hearing his story of coming out. He debuted on 21st January 2018 with the song Neverland. The mv received an R rating as it had a kissing moment between the same sexes. The video had a staggering 1 million views in 20 hours. Holland has always been upfront in talking about topics like homosexuality, and mental health, something South Korea is not much accustomed to. According to him, there are people who support him for his choices, however, he hasn’t met many Kpop idols who are ready to talk about it openly. 

Recently, Holland revealed how he is in a relationship and even praised his boyfriend for being kind and tall. The snippet from the live streaming received a lot of attention and fans were really happy to see him talk about his relationship so freely. He also revealed that his partner was not from the film or entertainment industry. 

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Holland recently starred in the BL drama Ocean Likes Me which revolves around two such individuals who are unexpectedly brought together by fate. Holland portrayed the role of a struggling musician who ultimately comes back to his hometown and starts working in a noodle shop. They both come closer without even them realizing it and ultimately fall for each other. Will they be able to make it or will the dreams of their career become heavy on their relationship? 

Speculation even arose among fans as to whether he was dating his co-star or not. However, this theory was later discarded as his boyfriend didn’t belong to the entertainment industry.

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Recent Incident Of Hate Crime

Recently Holland posted on Instagram that reflected instances of hate crime. According to him when he was in Itaewon with his manager, a stranger came up and hit him twice saying that he’s a dirty gay. He had cuts on his face and later went to the hospital. He reported to the police about the incident and hopes the case to get solved well. Nobody deserves such treatment and such instances should never happen to anyone. 

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