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How Old is Eris in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation?

how old is eris
Eris Boreas Greyrat

How old is Eris? How old do you think she is? You don’t know, but would like to know about her age, right? Do not worry, I am going to tell you about her exact age in the anime Mushoku Tensei and tell you about how she looks and what is her actual personality. If you are interested to know all the things, then please read this piece to get a good idea about her.

Eris Boreas Greyrat is one of the main protagonist in Mushoku Tensei anime series. She is the daughter of Philip Boreas Greyrat and Hilda Boreas Greyrat. Eris is so close to her grandfather. That’s why she has the same attitude as her grandfather has. She loves her bodyguard Ghislaine Dedoldia, and she is also a friend of her. Eris, unlike Rudeus, belongs to a Royal Family. Her status in society is higher than Rudeus.

In the anime Mushoku Tensei, she was seen as a physically tough character. Mushoku Tensei currently has two cours. Cour One was premiered at the beginning of 2021, and Cour Two was premiered at the end of the same year. But Cour one has a total of 11 episodes while cour two has a total of 12 episodes.

how old is eris

Eris Boreas Greyrat | OtakuKart

How old is Eris?

Eris is fifteen years old at the end of the second cour of the anime series Mushoku Tensei. Eris Boreas Greyrat was part of the royal family who was reigning the Fittoa Region of the Asura Kingdom. When she was seen for the first time seen in the anime, that time she was seven years old. And that was also the time when she met Rudeus. So, Rudeus and Eris have spent eight long years together in the anime. Rudeus came to teach her arithmetic so that she could calculate and also magic because she wanted to learn magic. He was appointed by her father, Philip.

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Eris’s appearance describes her royal background. Her eyes are red with a black pupil. She has a slim body and long crimson tresses, which are curly from the ends. She also carries swords on both sides of her waist. She was small in stature during her first appearance, but she became taller than Rudeus as the story progressed. She wears black color pants with white color streaks in her tresses. She also wears a royal family’s white shirt with a closed neck and a white color cloak.


Eris’ personality is a complex one to read. Because of her toughness from the outside and softness from the inside. And also, because of difficulty putting her emotions in words, it makes her too difficult to understand. Eris is seen as a strong, merciless, and rude character, which is similar to her grandfather. But after meeting Rudeus, her personality has begun to change, especially after her tenth birthday.

how ols is eris

Eris Boreas Greyrat | OtakuKart

Her rudeness and toughness are still is the part of her personality. But not against Rudeus but against all of those people who try to hurt Rudeus, even if that person is the father of Rudeus. Eris is not only a tough girl but also a shy girl. She always struggles because of her shyness, and her inability to express her love for Rudeus makes the situation worst. They both have exactly opposite personalities, but at some point, they meet like other good couples. Their mutual understanding makes them important. Eris’ childish behavior and Rudeus’ responsible man’s personality are perfectly balanced.


Eris is the only female main character who has the more tendency to use her physical power instead of her magic. She is weaker than Roxy and Sylphiette when it comes to magic, but she is stronger than both of them with her brutal force. She can become the Sword-God. Ghislaine Dedoldia was her teacher to teach her swordsmanship, and because of her hard work, she became the Sword King.

Eris is shown as A-Rank Adventurer in the anime, with Rudeus and Ruijerd. After being beaten by Orsted, she has a personal grudge against him to want to kill him. Because she was unable to protect Rudeus when Orsted killed him, she got her target, and now she just wants to become that much strong so that no one tries to touch Rudeus again.

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