How Many Episodes Will Shaman King (2021) Have?

How many episodes will be there in Shaman King?
How many episodes will be there in Shaman King 2021?

We all know Shaman King being a super hit from back in the year 2001. Even though the series ended quite a while ago, its essence has remained in the hearts of fans as they still crave for more. As a result of all the patience and request by the fans, the Shaman King anime series was returned as a rebooted version in the year 2021. No surprise, the popularity of the series hit the sky just within the release of a few episodes of the new series. If you follow the series, you must be aware that till now there are 41 episodes that have been released already and episode 42 is around the corner.

The series is going really great and is progressing gradually with every new episode. But after so many episodes, the question that arises is, how many episodes will Shaman King 2021 have. This is kind of a question that can make the fans anxious about the series getting over really soon. We have already reached 41 episodes and after this, I must say that this is not going to be long and will end soon. But how many exact numbers of episodes are going to be there in the series Shaman King? You will get to know this further along with some other details related to the series.

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About Shaman King

Shaman King anime series is an anime adaption of the manga series that goes by the same name by the author Hiroyuki Takei. The manga was initially published by Shueisha Publication later its right was transferred to Kodansha Publications. As for the English translation, the rights were given to Madman Entertainment and dropped the English version on Viz Media. The manga made its debut on 30th June 1998 and concluded on 30th August 2004 with 35 complete editions and 32 original tankobon volumes. An anime adaption of the series was released by the Xebec Studio on 4th July 2001 and it ended with 64 episodes on 25th September 2002.

In the year 2015, the MAPPA President Masao Maruyama expressed his wish to the author of the manga to work on the reboot of the Shaman King anime. After that, in 2017, Takei revealed on his official Twitter handle that the Shaman King anime 2001 is getting a reboot. However, the new version does not have the previous voice actors and soundtracks that give it a totally new avatar. Shaman King 2021 hit the channels on 1st April 2021 and is still ongoing to reach its end soon. As for the plot of the anime, it is kept similar to the previous one but the picturization has some little variations which are were all loved by the viewers.

Shaman King number of episodes
Shaman King

Shaman King Plot

The plot of the manga series and anime goes around the life of a Shaman named Yoh Asakura. Yoh is a shaman – a medium between the world of the living and dead – and aspires to become a Shaman King. A Shaman King is a great entity in the worlds of Shaman and has the power to connect with the Great Spirits and can reshape the world according to his or her likings. However, in order to reach this authoritative post, Yoh has participated in a Shaman Fight and has to win it. A shaman fight is a contest that is held once every 500 years to make the shamans compete and find a shaman king. To help Yoh accomplish this motive of his, his fiancee Anna Kyoyama reached him a created a brutal training regime for Yoh to prepare him for the Tournament. The rest of the series depicts the journey of Yoh moving forward to become a shaman king.

How many episodes will be there in Shaman King?
Shaman King

How Many Episodes Will Shaman King 2021 Have?

Will following the whole series of Shama King 2021, we have reached episode 41 of the series. It’s not going to be very late until we are going to be blessed with the latest episode 42 of the series. However, as per the announcements made by the author back in 2015, this rebooted version will be adapting 37 volumes of the manga from the complete edition. The previous anime series adapted it into 64 episodes and the series went very smoothly. But the Shaman King 2021 is going to have only 52 episodes seems quite less to adapt everything from all the 35 volumes. This series has already gone at a fast pace and it is going to end after 10 more episodes.

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