How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has? Every Detail Of Old Hit Anime Discussed

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Cowboy Bebop Anime Similar To Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop

Old animes have their own taste, and their fandom never dies. Today we will talk about an old hit that is still alive in people’s hearts, and everyone is talking about it nowadays. Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese produced by Sunrise backed up with an extremely talented team. The anime sets up in the year 2071, revolving around a bounding hunting crew in their spaceship, which was known as Bebop. The anime is inspired by western science fiction, and cowboy shows with some Japanese essence.

Cowboy Bebop was first premiered back in 1998 but ended up in between due to some controversial issues; however, it continued to premiere after getting clearance from the legal authority in Japan. Even though it is an old anime but still the Manga of this anime sold at a high rate, and the fan following of Cowboy Bebop is still the same. There are many things to talk about this anime, so without wasting any time, let’s get started.

How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop? Plot Details:

How many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop anime has? This question is one of the first questions people often search before watching the show, so we have decided to provide you with the most detailed and crystal clear answer. Cowboy Bebop has only 26 episodes of 23 minutes each. As we talked about above, Anime is set up in 2071. The earth becomes an inhabitable place with rocky mountains due to the hyperspace gateway accident. As the crime rates increased rapidly, the Inter Solar System Police formed an alliance of bounty hunters to chase down criminals. The bounty hunters get rewards for each successful chase. This is the basic plot of Cowboy Bebop. Taking further may lead expose you to potential spoilers.

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How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?
Anime: Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Characters & Cast:

Let’s talk about some of the major characters of Cowboy Bebop.

Spike Spiegel:

Spike Spiegel is the main character of the anime voiced by Koichi Yamadera. Spike is a bounty hunter and an ex-syndicate member. He is someone who struggled a lot in his early life and now working for the betterment of people. He is a funny and goofy character. He hates three things a lot, Pets, Kids, and women with attitude but ends up getting all three in his Bebop. This character won’t let you get bored, and this is for sure.

How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?
Cowboy Bebop’s Spike

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Jet Black:

Jetblack is an ex-Inter Solar System Police Force Officer and the captain of Bebop. JetBlack is voiced by Unsho Ishizuka. He is one of the most formidable bounty hunters on Bebop and also known as the Black Dog because he never let go of those things in which he sank his teeth. He is more into American Pop Music with some Japanese traditional etiquettes like taking care of Bonsai trees, etc.

How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?
Jet Black and Spike Spiegel


Edward is the net diver on Bebop. She is voiced by Aoi Tada. She is the hacker and computer geek who works for bounty hunters to locate and dig out information about opponents. She is the most hyperactive character who sometimes acts crazy. She is also a great mechanical engineer who can solve most problems. Sometimes you will see her acting like wild animals, but this is how she portrays her fun.

How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?
Edward- Right Most


Ein is a datadog in Cowboy Bebop anime. He is a very intelligent dog who was raised in an illegal research facility but now lives on Bebop. He is not the bounty hunter but lives with our heroes and assists them in doing their work more efficiently. Ein always entertains you whenever he makes his appearance on screen.

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How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?
Ein Datadog


Vicious is one of the most formidable characters in anime. He is voiced by Norio Wakamoto. He is a member of RRCS i.e. Red Dragon Crime Syndicate, and a great swordsman. He is also one of the most mysterious characters who lead his coup to take the position of a new crime boss. He is indeed a dark, mysterious, and sadistic character with ruthless intelligence.

How Many Episodes Of Cowboy Bebop Has?

So these were some of the major characters of Cowboy Bebob. There is a number of characters in the anime, but most of them just play their short part and fades. Thanks for reading this article.

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