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How Did Turn Me Up Josh Pass Away? All You Should Know


The Grammy-nominated music maker Turn Me Up Josh became a topic of discussion recently. He was in the news after a fellow rapper Lil Durk announced the former’s death. Yes, Lil Durk mentioned on his Twitter account that Josh died and prayed for his soul to rest in peace. Since this revelation, netizens and paparazzi are curious to know more about what happened to the music maker? Likewise, what led to his sudden demise? There lies a dozen of questions.

Turn Me Up Josh’s real name was Joshua Samuel. Gathering out in-depth information about the musician is a difficult task. This is because the star does not hold his Wikipedia page. However, there is some information about him on the internet, through his media interviews and stage performances as well. Josh had worked with different celebrities and rappers as a music maker. He hailed from Atlanta in the Georgia state of United States.

Since the news of his death flashed on the computer screens, fans have gone crazy. They are going through various sites to find out information about their favorite star’s death. Likewise, they seem to be curious about his career and personal life. Therefore, in this article, we will lift the curtains from his stories of becoming a successful music maker in the Hollywood industry. Also, we will try to find out the reason behind his death.

How did Turn Me Up Josh die?

A piece of news surfaced on the internet as the sixth month of the year 2021 commenced. The news was related to a growing artist hailing from Atlanta. The music maker named Joshua Samuels, also known as Turn Me Up Josh was no more. This made the whole music industry go into turmoil. But, who gave this news? The answer to this question is the simplest one. The famous rapper Lil Durk posted a tribute for Josh on his Twitter account, stating that he was no more. Since then, the media is in search of the reason behind his sudden death.

The young celebrity was in the initial years of gaining his share of popularity. Some tabloids and media magazines have speculated that he was suffering from an unknown autoimmune disease. However, there is no confirmation about this speculation. Also, there has not been any revelation about the real cause behind his death. All the confirmations are expected through his family members, who are in great shock after the star’s sudden demise. Since the news came out, various celebrities have posted pictures with him and paid tribute to this successful artist.

More about Turn Me Up Josh

Josh was expected to be around the age of 30 years or more. There is very little information available about the star. However, he was reported to have worked with many famous musicians like Drake, Nipsey Hussle, DaBaby, Kehlani, and Lil Durk, to name a few. He found his name in the industry as an engineer. Josh was a profound name in the Hip Hop music industry. He was also called the “Multi-platinum maker”. This was because his vocations made a huge business. Over two million copies were sold, which ultimately made him a superstar.

Turn Me Up Josh used to express his happiness and various goals through his Instagram account. Recently, he posted a picture with Lil Baby in a studio album. He teased his collaboration with the rapper with a caption stating his production work in the whole album. Likewise, his work with Lil Baby and Lil Durk in the highly anticipated album “Voice Of The Heroes” will release on June 4, 2021. Josh’s fans are excited for the album as it will be his last work.

Josh’s last post on his Instagram account

Josh was always silent about his production works until it was the right time for revelations. Likewise, he chose to hide his personal life and keep the paparazzi away from the life he shared with his loved ones. There is no information available about Josh’s dating history. Some of his best songs include “10 Freaky Girls” and “Laugh Now Cry Later”. His recent collaboration with Lil Durk earned his three Grammy nominations. Likewise, he worked on songs like “Death Ain’t Easy”, ” The Voice”, and “Backdoor” to name a few.

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