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How Did Tupac Shakur Pass Away? Career & Legacy

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur, or better known in the media as 2Pac, used to be an American rapper as well as a songwriter and had quite a lot of gigs in the acting field as well. Tupac is popularly known among the fans for his work while addressing the contemporary social issues that are widespread in inner cities. His legacy still remains after all the 25 years as a symbol of activism against the inequality which is prevalent in the United States. Tupac started his career back in 1991 with his debut album 2Pacalypse Now.

By this point in time, he had become a central figure in the West Coast hip hop and introduced social issues in his work. During that era, the gangsta rap style was pretty popular among fans. In 1995, Tupac was arrested due to the charges of physical assault but was released soon as a part of a deal. Now, his career and life were very near to end when he was shot dead on the 7th of September 1996. Thus, here we have covered his whole life story and how did this artist die at such a young age.

Tupac was just 25 years in age when he died in Las Vegas, Nevada. That night, Tupac was attending the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match along with Marion Suge Knight. It was earlier that year when we witnessed Anderson along with a group of Southside Crips trying to rob Lane while he was in a Foot Locker store. Lane asked help from Shakur who in turn, brutally attacked Anderson in the lobby itself. There was a heavy fight between the two where Shakur was seen punching Anderson in the face. This scene was captured in the video surveillance camera of the hotel MGM and was later revealed by the hotel security.

How Did Tupac Shakur Died?

Tupac Shakur

Events leading to Tupac’s death?

Now, on the 7th of September 1997, around 11:00 to 11:05 PM, according to PDT, Shakur as well as Knight were stopped by the police cars for playing the music too loudly in their vehicles and also for not having license plates on their cars. After a bit of search, these license plates were found in the trunk of Knight’s car, and both of them were released without any citation. It was sharp 11:10 PM when the two stopped at a red light at the crossroad of East Flamingo Road as well as Koval Lane. This was in front of the Maxim Hotel. This was exactly when two women pulled up on their left side. Shakur started a conversation with these ladies through the window of his brand new 1996 BMW 750iL sedan. He invited them to grab some drinks from Club 662.

It was 11:15 PM now, and a late model of Cadillac, white in color, pulled up to the right side of Knight. They rolled down their window and started firing at Shakur’s BMW. This was when Shakur was hit four times with the bullets, two in the chest while once in the arm and the last one hit his thigh. His right lung was brutally damaged after this gunfire, and Knight was hit in the head by fragmentation. Shakur’s bodyguard named Frank Alexander, while being questioned, stated that he was about to ride with them in Knight’s car, but Shakur advised him not to. Despite the fact that Knight was also brutally injured during this incident, he managed to drive a mile with Tupac lying numb. The bike patrol that pulled them over soon informed the paramedic’s department, and the two were taken in immediate hospital care.

When Did Tupac Die?

While Shakur was being carried to the emergency room, he said he was going to die. While Tupac was at the hospital, Jones visited the grieving artist while he was heavily sedated. She played Vincent on a CD player next to his bed. On the other hand, Knight was released from the hospital on the 8th of September itself was but didn’t start talking for days. Later on the 13th of September 1996, Shakur passed away after a cardiac arrest when his right lung was removed. Doctors tried everything in their power to save the rap star but were not able to stop the hemorrhaging.

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