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How Did Ace Get His Devil Fruit? One-Piece Mystery Revealed

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Portgas D. Ace From 'One Piece', C(Toei Animations)

Hello everyone, today we will talk about How Ace Get His Devil Fruit? We will talk about these details and also see the history behind the flame-flame, aka Mera-Mera no Mi. Before reading this article, we want to inform our readers that this article contains heavy spoilers regarding the fate of Ace and the origin and future of Mera-Mera no Mi. So you can avoid this article if you don’t want to get spoiled. So now, if you made up your mind to read further, let’s jump straight to our main topic and decrypt the mystery.

As we have lost Ace in the great war, the mera-mera no mi returns to its original form and is encaptured by someone. If we talk about the powers of Mera-Mera no mi, it allows the user to wield firepower and makes the user extremely powerful. As we know how powerful Ace was. Now, we know how Ace got his devil fruit, and this information directly comes from the official sources. So let’s see.

How Did Ace Get His Devil Fruit?

One-Piece: Ace Story lifts the jar of unfolded mysteries of how Ace got his Devil Fruit. Before starting our main phrase, we want to explain to our new readers what the meaning of devil fruit is? Devil fruit is a type of fruit in the one-piece world that allows its users to wield different kinds of powers. All you have to do is to eat that damn fruit, but the power comes on the basis of a skill cost. Those who eat devil fruit will be hated by the sea, i.e., they can’t swim. So let’s discuss our main topic.

Once Ace was shipwrecked on a lonely desert along with a pirate who named himself Masked Deuce. Later, Deuce became the first mate of Ace in his spade pirate crew. They even had a fight but ended up working together and started making a raft so they could escape from that deserted island. After the constant failure, they start searching for food in order to survive. Then Ace finds an unknown fruit name Mera-Mera no Mi. He ate it first and passed it to Deuce. He did not like the taste of the fruit that much, but he saw himself covered in flames.

We know that the power is shifted to those who eat the fruit first; hence Deuce could not inherit the power of Mera-Mera no mi. So this is how Ace gets its devil fruit. After eating the devil fruit, they made a raft very quickly and escaped from there.

How Did Ace Get His Devil Fruit?

Ace Flexing his power

The Future of Mera-Mera no Mi

Sadly, Ace was killed in the great war at the hands of Akainu. And we know that whenever the user of Devil Fruit dies, the devil fruit comes in its natural state. After the death of Ace, it was encaptured by the Donquixote family and put in a colosseum. Later, the fruit was eaten by Sabo, entrusted by Luffy. So the will of Ace is in good hands now, which also makes Sabo very powerful. Initially, Luffy was fighting in Colosseum to get the fruit. Since a user can’t eat two devil fruits, Sabo joins the fight in the attire Lucy and eats that fruit. So this is the current state of Ace’s devil fruit.

How Did Ace Get His Devil Fruit?

Sabo- Current user of Ace Devil Fruit

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More About One-Piece Anime

One-Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The story revolves around a young boy Luffy who aims to be the pirate king and search for the great treasure, One-Piece. He then set off his journey and found amazing crewmates along the way and named his crew, Strawhats or Mugiwara. Produced by Toei Animations, the series has over 990 episodes with 1000+ manga chapters. This series holds the record of highest-selling manga in Japan and has a huge fanbase.

The series holds so many mysteries, and up to today, we do not know what One-Piece actually is. This anime is a masterpiece that you will cherish throughout your life, and you never want it to get completed. This anime is something most of us grow together. The series is expected to run till 2025 still, this is just speculation.

How Did Ace Get His Devil Fruit?

One Piece anime

So, this was all about Ace’s devil fruit. We will see you with the more amazing articles until then, Goodbye.

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