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Conan O Brien Reacts to BTS’s J-hope Calling Him ‘Curtain’

Conan and J-Hope
J-hope calls Conan o Brien as Curtain

See How Conan O Brien Reacted to BTS’s J-hope calling him ‘curtain’ while playing a game in a South Korean variety show. Much recently, the entire boy band BTS was called on to take part in a game variety show. BTS appeared on Run BTS Ep 140 where they played a game. They had to identify the celebrity shown to them instantly within secs. Failing to do so would result in taking away a food item from their basket. With the leftovers, they had to then make their food and sustain.

The show was overall extremely entertaining and fun to watch. But the mistake that J-hope did in identifying the celebrity caught the maximum attention. Since the celebrity was none other than the most famous Conan O Brien, who is a very known and popular face. J-Hope firstly laughed off at his silly mistake but immediately also apologized for the same.

Conan O Brien Reacted to BTS’s J-hope calling him ‘curtain’

conan and J-hope on the hilarious mistake made by J-hope

BTS’ J-Hope accidentally called Conan O’Brien ‘Curtain’ on Run BTS Ep 140

Even Conan O Brien took it quite sportingly. He raised this topic on his show showed his serious face but overall showered big compliments for the whole band as well. During the show on Wednesday night’s episode, Conan sportingly addressed this issue in a segment that where he watched the clip and in fact, showed the clip in the show as well. He sarcastically remarks that on them only to make things light. In the overall segment of the show, he opened his lines while praising them as the boy’s band BTS, Which is huge and one of the biggest bands in the world. Conan O Brien acclaimed that these boys are massive and that they played a game in a very popular variety show much recently.

Conan O Brien being generous of course, he even mentioned the peculiarities of the show before showing the clip. He further stated that the game was mostly to identify a celebrity whose picture is shown to them. After which the clip was played. On Run BTS episode 140, the boy band BTS played the game sportingly. Just when J-Hope sees the picture of Conan O Brien by mistake states it as ”Curtain” and immediately realizes his mistake and falls off laughing on the floor. The fellow members of the group immediately start mocking him for guessing it so wrong. He fell off laughing on the floor and stated that he go confused for a moment.

BTS' J-Hope accidentally called Conan O'Brien'Curtain' on Run BTS Ep 140

BTS’ J-Hope accidentally calls Connan o Brien as curtain

His fellow member Jimin and Jim immediately corrected him by saying how can you not know Conan O Brien. Jimin also further stated, don’t you know the Connan show? Every other member stated laughing at this mistake. And with that, Conan O Brien starts saying he called me curtain, I’ve been to Korea before, I was famous. Conan O Brien being sporty enough tackled the situation well. And stated -oh, I’ll get you BTS, Ill get you good, and by that, I mean ill silently resent you, I have no power to do anything to you. And started laughing off, Conan O Brien further commented, ”you are going to go on to have huge success” He even appreciated them by saying you guys are pretty much running the world.

With that, the whole fun battle comes to an end. And even on 7th May, J-Hope officially offered his apologies via Twitter. Stating “Sorry,,,,, Curtain,” along with kissy-face and blowing kiss emoji. The overall fun banter was resolved well. The topic was just overall much entertaining and hilarious. We all know it was a sweet mistake. Also, now that Conan O Brien is wrapping the things up from his current show that has been going on for decades. He thanked his fans for accepting the news so nicely. He’ll be signing off from the show on 24th June, and we wish him all the best for his future.

BTS coming with their new english single

Boys Band BTS K-POP

Along with that, a sweet treat is coming its way for the fans and army of BTS. The boy group BTS has set world records with their 2020 released Dynamite. And are coming back with their second English-language single ”Butter” on 21st May 2021.

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