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How Brandon Lee Passed Away? All We Know About Bruce Lee’s Son

How did Brandon Lee die? What do we know about the son of famous martial artist and actor Bruce Lee? Despite his father’s popularity, Brandon had never been dependent on him for his career. He was right years old when his father passed away. Eventually, Brandon followed the steps of his father. He was quite successful as a fight master and also an actor. Now, starting from the basics, Brandon Lee’s death was quite tragic and accidental. If we talk about his fame in the industry, he had worked hard for achieving that. His death has always been saddening to his co-actors and other members of the industry. We shall discuss more of it in a while.

Besides that, his fans are always very much keen to know about his early life, being the son of such a famous personality, in short, a legend. A bit about his professional life as well. If you are one of his fans, read this article till the end. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and learn more about Brandon Lee.

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How did Brandon Lee die? The cause behind the death of Bruce LLee’sson

Brandon Lee passed away at a very young age, at 28 years old. He died on 31 March 1993 in Wilmington, North Carolina, United States. Now, the reason or the cause behind his death is quite accidental. We lost him during filming. Yeah, you read it right.

It was on 31 March 1993 itself, during filming a scene for the film The Crow. His character was shot and killed by a thug. Unfortunately, the gun was overloaded with dummy rounds which were made improperly. Just before the fatal scene had occurred,  one of those dummy rounds was accidentally fired, and it had stroked in Brandon LLee’sabdomen. Initially, the team members present on the set were thinking that Lee was still in the character. But later on, found he was injured badly. Thereafter, he was taken to the New Hanover Regional Medical Centre in Wilmington, North Carolina. After six hours of surgery, the doctors announced him to be dead. It was around 1:03 p.m on 31 March 1993 when Brandon Lee passed away.

He was buried next to his father, Bruce Lee, at the Lake View Cemetery in Seattle. On 3 April 1993, a private funeral took place, and it was attended by 50 people in total. His death was quite shocking and saddening not just to his family members and relatives but also to his fans across the world.

Brandon Lee Death

Brandon Bruce Lee

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More about Brandon Lee: Early Life & Career

With the name itself, you must be knowing his identity. Brandon Bruce Lee is the son of the legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. Born and raised in Oakland, California, United States. Brandon was born on 1 February 1965. Following the steps of his father, he was also a famous actor, martial artist, and fight choreographer. Talking about his education details, the actor attended Chadwick School, Miraleste High School. Thereafter, he joined Emerson College & Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute for the sake of learning acting.

He made his breakthrough in the film industry with his epic role as Eric Travel in the film The Crow (1994). Thereafter, he made several appearances in the films like Legacy of Rage (1986), Kung Fu: The Movie (1986), Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), Rapid Fire (1993), etc. He was quite good-looking and had amazed a large number of fans across the world, just with his stunning looks.

Brandon Lee Death

Brandon Lee in his character Eric Draven in the film The Crow

We still feel bad for his death as he passed at a very young age, and that too while filming. Though he is not there anymore, still he is alive in our hearts. With this, we end up our coverage on Brandon LeLee’seath in this article. Thank you for staying with us till the end. I hope this article was useful and much knowledgable to you.

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