Hot Issue: Get To Know The Members Of This Terrific Group!

Hot Issue
Hot Issue

With a deeper meaning to their group’s name than it looks like, ‘Hot Issue’ was a South Korean Girl Band that, even though it didn’t last for a long time yet, made an unforgettable impression on the hearts of the audience. More than their work with evident determination, they entered the industry already marked as the reason for their huge fan following. Thus, keep scrolling down to get a glimpse at the members of this iconic idol group.

‘Hot Issue’ wasn’t simply taken as the member’s name to depict their strong persona or their abilities to set the stage on fire while performing. But in fact, it was referred to as a group of honesty with a blend of outstanding and terrific artists as well as in reference to their performances. With having a vision of becoming the only issue in the industry that everyone talks about. Isn’t that a mind-blowing idea, guys? The efforts these members put in to even name their group is proof of how committed they were to their work.

Debuted in April 2021, ‘Hot Issue’ was a South Korean Girl band formed under S2 Entertainment. This idol group rose to fame with their first mini-album, ‘Issue Maker’. The title track of their mini-album came out as ‘Gratata’. Looking at the love they received from the audience, the members soon released their first single album called ‘Icons’. It ranked 101 on the Gaon Download Chart.

The group comprises seven members, including Nahyun, Mayna, Hyeongshin, Dana, Yewon, Yebin, and Dain. Although this stunning idol group didn’t receive any awards to show off for their works yet were nominated for the ‘Female Idol Group Popularity Award’ at the Asia Artist Awards and ‘Female Rookie Idol Award’ at Brand of the Year Awards.

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Let’s Take A Look At The Members Of Hot Issue!

1. Nahyun

Born in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, Kang Na Hyun, professionally known by her stage name Nahyun is a South Korean singer. She is prominently known as the Leader and the Vocalist of the South Korean Girl Band ‘Hot Issue’. 

Her exemplary performances are a result of her critical training as a trainee at Cube Entertainment and Source Music before officially joining the group under S2 Entertainment.

Hot Issue-Nahyun

She is famous for her eye-catching performances, for she is known to have been accepted in the first round of auditions for several agencies.

Can you guys guess from her performances who might be Nahyun’s inspiration? Well, EXID’s Hani is known to be her role model. Thus, it’s safe to assume Nahyun is always eager to learn and perform in the same outstanding way her idol does.

2. Mayna

Born in Romania, Shào Xī Mēng Nā, better known by her stage name Mayna is a Korean-based singer, rapper, and dancer. She is prominently known as the Dancer, Rapper, and Vocalist of the group.

Born to Chinese parents, Mayna is fluent in Chinese, Korean as well as Spanish. Thus, she is not only famous in Korea but also in China and some parts of Europe. Other than being famous as a member of ‘Hot Issue,’ she also has her own huge fandom on HotPot.


Just like we all have some weird fears haunting us forever, Mayna, too, has one. She is afraid of ghosts, for she thinks they float. Isn’t that a little weird but then again, aren’t we all abnormal for one or another person? Probably a lot of us feel the same way as she, isn’t that right, guys?

Can you guys guess her favorite Korean girl band? Well, it isn’t too hard, though, for there are a lot of idols who admire the stunning artists BLACKPINK.

3. Hyeongshin

Born in Bundang-gu, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Kim Hyeong Shin, popularly known by her stage name Hyeongshin is a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer. She rose to fame as a Vocalist, Rapper, and Dancer of the South Korean Girl band ‘Hot Issue’.

She is loved by her fans globally for she is fluent in English, and thus, overseas fans are also able to connect to her wholeheartedly. Apart from being an exceptional dancer, she is also known for her sportive skills in outdoor games like tennis and basketball.

Hot issue-Hyeongshin

Before becoming a regular member of the group, Hyeongshin was also known to be part of the girl group ALLS-GIRL, and the sub-unit Geupsik-Dan with D-CRUNCH previously. Furthermore, she was also an avid member of Velvety, a dance crew.

Can you guess who is the remarkable role model of this all-rounder artist, our valuable audience? Well, it’s Lee Chae-rin, yes, you heard it right. It’s the former leader of 2NE1 (also known as CL).

4. Dana

Born in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Jang Da Na, professionally known by her stage name Dana is a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer. She is prominently known as the Vocalist and Rapper of ‘Hot Issue’.

Apart from being an excellent singer, she’s also a bewitching lyricist and composer. She is also known for her acting gigs in JTBC’s “Happy Ending” and SBS’s “One-Well Raised Daughter”.

Before becoming a regular member of the group, Dana is known to have been a trainee at YG Entertainment previously.


5. Yewon

Born in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, Kim Ye-won, better known by her stage name Yewon, is a South Korean actress, singer, and entertainer. As a member of ‘Hot Issue,’ Yewon held the position of Vocalist.

Since she is a former member of FAVE GIRL, thus, is also known to be a trainee of Fave Entertainment. Having a family background of actors, she has also been a part of countless Korean Dramas and Variety shows. Among her well-known pieces include- ‘Oh My God,’ ‘Reply 1997,’ ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,’ and ‘She Knows Everything’.


Back in 2015, while shooting for ‘My Tutor Friend,’ she became a hot topic for her and her then co-star Lee Tae-im got into a fight. Although the blame game between the two artists went on for a long time until the video footage of Yewon initiating the fight came into the limelight. However, the case was settled once Yewon came forward and apologized for what she did.

6. Yebin

Born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Kim Ye-bin, popularly known by her stage name Yebin, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer. She is prominently known as the Vocalist, Rapper, and Dancer of ‘Hot Issue’.

A lot of idols are known to have pets, but most of them have dogs or cats, whereas this gorgeous singer is known to be obsessed with her two hamsters.


Before becoming a part of the group, she was previously a trainee under Source Music. Although looking at her performances, it’s evidently clear what an exceptional dancer she is. Do you guys know what her specialty is? She is an amazing belly dancer.

People who go to the gym do know what a gym ball is and, of course, have an idea of how difficult it is to learn but can you guys imagine it’s literally the favorite hobby of our adorable artist.

7. Dain

Born in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, Jung Da-in is a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer. She is prominently known as the rapper, dancer, and Maknae of the South Korean Girl band ‘Hot Issue’.

Apart from being an amazing singer, Dain is known for having a lot of specialties, including cooking and making perfect dog sounds.

Furthermore, before being a part of ‘Hot Issue,’ she rose to fame for being a contestant in a teen reality competition, Cap-Teen, where she ranked 43rd. She’s also been a trainee at P-Nation for a year. It’s also the place wherein she knew who she wanted to be like while performing on the stage. Being a part of P-Nation gave her the inspiration she was seeking while working in the industry.


Our overenthusiastic idol’s role model is known to be a Korean-based American rapper and singer, Ho Hyun Joo (also known as Jessi). Dain is also renowned for being sensitive, kind, and compassionate. As a result, she’s claimed on several platforms that her motivation for being a famous artist is to make the audience and those around her happy.

Unfortunately, this terrific group disbanded on the 22nd of April this year.

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