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Hospital Playlist Season 2 Trailer Dropped By jTBC for the Upcoming Season

Hospital Playlist Season 2
Hospital Playlist Season 2

Hospital Playlist season 2 is arriving soon. The highly anticipated installment of the medical drama has unveiled the first teaser. Hospital Playlist proved to be one of the biggest hits of 2020. After getting a renewal for season 2, fans have been waiting to know about the future of the five-doctor friends. As season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, the curiously was enough to make fans go crazy. However, now that a new teaser is released, we can get an idea of what we are going to witness in the new season. It looks like Hospital Playlist season 2 will pick right from where season 1 left us. Let’s go ahead and check out the trailer and more details on the new season.

Hospital Playlist Season 2

The cast of Hospital Playlist (2020)

Hospital Playlist is a South Korean television series that aired on March 12, 2020, on tvN Network in South Korea. The show ended on May 28, 2021. Moreover, the series is also available on Netflix and is the most viewed series in South Korea on Netflix in 2020. Written b Lee Woo-Jung, the show is the second installment of the Wise Life series. Meanwhile, Shin Wo-Ho directs the show. Both Wo-Ho and Woo-Jung have previously worked together on the hit anthology series, Reply.

The new season is airing soon, and it will bring all the former cast and crew. Due to its popularity, the show has received immense love and support. We believe it will continue in the new season as well.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Teaser and Release Date

The teaser started with an unusual text which did not suit the theme of the show at all. But it soon started going on its right path. The teaser opens with a text,  “Forget Season 1! A more powerful return! This time, it’s action! The most special medical blockbuster of 2021!” But soon it says, If that’s what you’re looking forward to, you are wrong.

The actual teaser begins with a heartwarming theme just like the one the show follows. The five main characters of the show return to their attire as they take command of the hospital. Many shots preview the various ups and downs the best friends will face in the new season. But, one thing remains the same, friendship. Best friends Ik Jun, Jung Won, Jun Wan, Seok Hyung, and Song Hwa are seen working, eating, and enjoying together. While the teaser continues, Song Hwa says in the background that whether it’s good or bad, a lot happens in their lives every day.

Moreover, they are also seen interacting with patients as they encourage them to feel better, just like in season 1. It feels like a lot will remain the same, and many things will take a new turn.

Hospital Playlist season 2 will release on June 17, 2021. The show is a tvN original, but due to its popularity on Netflix, we expect season 2 to release on the streamer as well. You can watch the previous season here.

Hospital Playlist New Season- What To Expect?

Hospital Playlist will have a lot of surprises. First of all, we are excited to know about Ik Jun and Song Hwa’s relationship. In the season 1 finale, Ik jun confessed his love to Song Hwa. However, she did not reply to him at the moment. On the other hand, Ik Jun’s little sister, Lee Ik Sun, is dating his best friend Jun Wan. Fans are curious to know about how Ik Jun will feel after finding out the truth.

Thier other friend, Seok-Hyeong is finally looking out for his life. After rejecting his father’s company, he is looking forward to focusing on his medical career. But, his happiness soon fades away after his ex-wife, Yoon Si-Hye, comes back into his life. However, neither the fans nor Seok-Hyeong knows the real motive behind his return.

Hospital Playlist Season 2

The cast at the script reading of Hospital Playlist Season 2

The production team of the show said that they will continue to tell stories with great warmth and sincerity, just like they did in Hospital Playlist season 1. 

The show stars  Jo Jung-suk as Lee Ik-jun, Yoo Yeon- Seok as Ahn Jeong-won, Jung Kyung-ho as Kim Jun-wan, Kim Dae-Myung as Yang Seok-Hyeong, and Jeon Mi-do as Chae Song-Hwa. All of them will be seen reprising their roles in season 2.

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