10 Best Moments of Hori and Miyamura in ‘Horimiya’

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Hori-san to Miyamura-Kun (Hori and Miyamura) is a Japanese shounen web manga and anime series. It was written and illustrated by Hiroki Adachi. This was one of the most talked-about romance animes in early 2021. Everybody and their mothers were watching this show. So as a shoujo anime enthusiast, I had no choice but to watch it too. And the experience was everything one would hope for. Horimiya is a show about two teenagers who have found the support they were looking for within each other, mixed in with a few high school shenanigans.

Kyoko Hori is a popular teenage girl, a good student, and also a very filial daughter who takes care of household chores when her parents are not there. Izumi Miyamura is a quiet, anti-social classmate who doesn’t talk to anyone. One day, Hori’s brother Sota is brought back to his home by a boy with long hair and multiple facial piercings. Hori is surprised to find out that he is Miyamura, her shy classmate. Sota takes a liking to Miyamura and wants him to come over again. Soon, Hori and Miyamura establish an unbreakable friendship with each other. Hori helps Miyamura come out of his shell and make new friends in their class. Miyamura helps Hori at her house since her parents are mostly out. Falling in love is not that far behind for the two. This article makes a list of all the cute moments in their relationship. Do definitely give Horimiya a watch, if you haven’t already!

Horimiya new sides

1. I don’t want anyone else to see

In episode 1, Hori and Miyamura accidentally meet each other outside of school when Hori’s brother Sota drags the guy to their house. After this, the two meet up at their house because Sota likes playing with the older boy, and Hori thinks of him as a good friend too. Once when Miyamura was hurrying out of school to buy eggs from a sale for her, he meets Yuki, their classmate, on the way. On learning this, Hori says that she doesn’t want anyone else to see this ‘cooler’ side of Miyamura. To which Miyamura replies that he also doesn’t want anyone from school to see this ‘homebody’ side of Hori either. They both think of the time they are spending together as special.


Hori and Miyamura at home
Hori and Miyamura at home

2. What’s your name Miyamura-kun?

By episode 2, Hori and Miyamura have already fallen into the habit of hanging out at Hori’s house every day after school. But suddenly, Hori realizes that she doesn’t know Miyamura’s first name. But she feels too awkward to ask him directly. So she tries out weird tactics like stalking him, peeping in the boy’s changing room, etc., to somehow learn his first name. She has to ask directly when none of her ideas works out. We find out that his name is Izumi Miyamura, and her name is Kyoko Hori.

Miyamura headbutts Sengoku
Miyamura headbutts Sengoku

3. Miyamura saves her from the Student Council

Hori is a straight-A student and hard worker who always helps out the student council with their monthly reports. She’s super organized and helpful. So when Miyamura sees her helping the student council with work she shouldn’t have to do in the first place, he feels bad but doesn’t say much. However, he meets Remi in the corridor, who accidentally drops the budget reports Hori did. Fortunately, Miyamura picks it up, but Remi tells him to throw it away as she ‘probably’ doesn’t need it. He doesn’t. The next day Hori is being scolded publicly by the student council for losing the same budget report. Miyamura goes up to them, headbutts the president, gives them the reports, and thus, by doing so, saves Hori.

Miyamura's Tattoos
Miyamura’s tattoos

4. Hey, can I see your Tattoos?

Hori thinks of Miyamura as someone who is always calm, composed, and level-headed no matter what he does. She thinks he never gets flustered. So in order for him to get flustered, she asks him if she could see his tattoos while they are hanging out at Hori’s house. So he starts stripping immediately without hesitation since he had already shown her his tattoos before. Both of them are flustered and blushing but definitely so cute to watch!

Hori doesn't want Izumi to go
Hori doesn’t want Izumi to go

5. Where are you going?

In episode 4, Hori falls sick with fever. She can only lie in bed. Her brother Sota leaves for school after letting Miyamura know about her condition. Miyamura comes over, puts her in bed, gives her a wet towel to wipe her face. As he is going to get her food, she tries to stop him. In her weak state, Hori hallucinates Miyamura to be her mother. She keeps saying, ‘where are you going?’ as her mother always has to leave because of her job. Hori is always taking care of the house alone. However, Miyamura helps her up to the bed and assures her that he won’t leave her, not ever.

Miyamura confesses
Miyamura confesses

6. Also, I’m in Love with You.

We get to see a lot of romantic moments between Hori and Miyamura in episode 4. Since Hori is down with fever, she’s just resting in bed throughout the end of this episode. Miyamura takes care of her and keeps her company. As he is leaving for the night, he is talking about the food and where he’s kept it. As if he’s just listing off groceries, he also adds that he’s in love with her. This is the first time that Miyamura says out loud that he is in love with her. Hori’s back is turned to him at the moment, but she’s heard him.

horimiya first kiss
Horimiya first kiss

7. Their First Kiss

In episode 6, Hori and Miyamura go over to Shindo’s house to try out some candies he won as a prize. They are all very weird flavored. As Shindo looks for candies to give them, Hori sees a clay flavored candy and tries it out. Miyamura kisses her. The scene is over as soon as it starts. But it’s their first kiss. It leaves a lasting impression on both of them.

Hori misses Miyamura
Hori misses Miyamura

8. I never knew 5 days were that long

In episode 7, we get to see just how much Miyamura’s presence has taken over Hori’s life. He goes out of Tokyo for a family trip for five days. Unfortunately, he forgets to take his phone charger with him and doesn’t have time to charge his phone much during those five days. Hori is seen to be missing him a lot, even though she never says it out loud. At the end of the episode, she says that she never knew five days could feel so long.

Hori paints Miyamura's nails
Hori paints Miyamura’s nails

9. Hori paints Miyamura’s nails

In episode 8, Hori is seen putting blue nail paint on Miyamur’s toenails. By this time, the two have already established the ground rules of their relationship. Miyamura comes over to her house almost every day to hang out. But as she is painting his nails, Miyamura suddenly puts his feet on Hori’s head in an attempt to be more playful with her. He thought she would get mad. But it leads to Hori wanting him to be more dominating in the relationship.


10. Let’s get Married!

This happens on the day of Christmas in episode 12. Hori’s family is celebrating Christmas together, and they have invited Miyamura over multiple times. He’s out delivering cakes for his family bakery. However, when he comes to deliver their cake, he gets roped in to spend some time with them. After spending almost an hour with the Hori family, Miyamura has to leave. Hori offers to walk with him for a bit. It’s very cold outside, and they’re both shivering. After walking a bit, Miyamura suddenly says, “Let’s get married!” but then gets flustered and backtracks. However, Hori immediately says yes to him. The visuals during this scene are epic and highlight the high quality of the animation.

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