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Honeymoon Movie Ending Explained: What Happened To Bea?

Honeymoon Movie Ending Explained

Honeymoon movies garner massive fame because of their storyline and concept. And guess what? Fans around the world are pretty interested to know all the inside details of this film. The characters in this horror film portrayed pretty realistic characters, and their presence in the flick made the concepts eerier. This explains the reason behind all the enthusiasm for the ending of the Honeymoon movie. Well, speaking of the proceedings, the production for this movie began in early 2010. Plans for preparing the whole set-up were ready for a very long time. Moreover, Honeymoon received moderate reviews from reviews.

Apart from this, the movie Honeymoon precisely built curiosity in a very balanced manner. As all slow-paced scenes were scripted well. However, many people didn’t appreciate the incomplete plotlines in the story. Because many scenes didn’t have the necessary piece of attraction that is important for a thriller movie. Every scene in the movie was not co-relating with each other. There was no kind of connection in any of the plot twists, as they lacked conviction. Well, apart from all this, the ending of the Honeymoon movie still became the center of attraction among all the horror geeks.

Plot Summary

When it comes to the plot of this movie, it is very complex, to begin with. Well, it isn’t the story, rather the creators have created the scenes in such a way that it challenges our minds to guess the next move. Speaking about the main storyline of the film, Honeymoon surrounds the life of two individuals, Bea and Paul, who are married to each other. At first, things were pretty good in their life. But soon, everything began to change, and these dynamics were devastating. Well, strange events started occurring around them on their honeymoon.

Honeymoon Movie Ending Explained

Honeymoon Movie: Harry Treadaway as Paul and Rose Leslie as Bea.

None of them expected their day to end up in such a bad manner. Moreover, now the couple has to sort out different ways to step out of this deadly situation. From the very beginning, they wanted to spend their time in an aesthetic cabin. But the warm, cozy feeling soon turns into a nightmare because Bea is found unconscious in the middle of the road without any clothes. And this weird disappearance didn’t justify anything to her husband. Because he had no clue. Little did he know that this incident affected their life miserably.

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On the other hand, Paul is sure that this incident is somehow related to the location where they’re staying. Day by day, things become even weirder as Bea’s behavior begins to change drastically. Paul tries his best to dig out the conclusion for this situation, and soon he realizes that one of their common friends, Annie, is suffering from the same symptoms as Bea. Moreover, Paul is even more confused when he witnesses mysterious lights in his room. One night, Bea is constantly hurting herself, and she hands over a creature that was in her womb. And soon, Paul is confronted with the fact that Bea was not alone in the forest that night.

Honeymoon Movie Ending Explained

After Bea confronts him and reveals the unknown creature to Paul, she informs him everything about her sudden disappearance. And her revelations shock him to the core. Because the night she was in the forest. Bea was gathered by mysterious people. And soon, she conceives a baby. Even though she’s trying to be normal, the creature inside her womb was eating her out. By now, Bea has already lost herself. Paul is worried about his wife’s health because he wants her back.

Honeymoon premiered in the year 2014

Honeymoon: Final scenes of Bea watching Paul and her wedding video

On the other hand, Paul is trying his best to leave, but Bea insists that the lights won’t let her leave. As they’re looking forward to taking Bea along with them. None of these things makes sense to Paul because he wants to know the reason behind his wife’s behavior. But Bea immediately takes him along the river and requests him to hide inside the water. This kind of confuses Paul, but Bea tells him that she’s trying to save him from those creatures. Towards the ending of Honeymoon Movie, Paul drowns to his death, while Bea and Annie are taken over by creatures that are aliens.

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