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Home Sweet Home Episode 1: Release Date & Preview

What To Expect From Home Sweet Home Episode 1?
Home Sweet Home Episode 1

Reality shows have been made up of emotions, drama, and much more beyond. Each one of them is trying to bring something different and new personalities out there to the masses. With every interesting and relatable personality on the air, the show becomes entertaining on its own. But Emmy Award-Winning Ava DeVurnay has something that doesn’t fit for these personalities with her NBC debut through the show Home Sweet Home which will air its Episode 1 next month.

Ava DeVurnay and NBC have dubbed Home Sweet Home as a social experiment. We have had tons of shows that feature families coming from different backgrounds to tell their stories to the world. But what never happened is a family from completely different backgrounds trying to fill in the shoes of another family who has a different background of their own. That’s what the entire show will be all about, and here we are breaking down what we can expect from it.

Home Sweet Home: What Is The Show About?

Coming from the press release of NBC, it opens with the statements questioning the viewer. Much like if the viewers have found themselves wondering what happens in someone else’s house. For example, the food they have in their refrigerator or the shows that they have in their DVR. That’s what Home Sweet Home is all about. Taking the participants into the lives of completely different people Furthermore, these contestants are families.

So the press release says Ava DeVurnay’s Home Sweet Home brings 18 different families from completely different backgrounds for this social experiment. The Emmy Award Winner is joining hands with ARRAY Filmworks and Warner Horizon Unscripted Television to bring forth this brand new experimental reality show.

Home Sweet Home Plot

Ava DeVunfray

So, each episode of Home Sweet Home will follow two families coming in together to accept this unique challenge. Both of these families will have a chance to explore each other’s life, culture, and much more beyond that. Something which may not be even close to theirs. The families will explore each other’s lives for time being until the end of the hour-long episode.

Towards the ending of the episode, Home Sweet Home may see the families sharing their take on walking this new life after all these years. Thus sharing their ups and downs amidst this. These experiences may bring critical, emotional, and sometimes eye-opening and tear-jerking. But something to look forward to.

The creator Ava DeVurnay in the same press release talked about the show, which is her first with NBC. Thus she is pretty much thrilled about it, and the fact that it is a family show excites her more. DeVurnay believes that with her show, the people around the world watching may have understanding, perspective, and appreciation for the families featured, their own, and the neighbors around them. Furthermore, she, along with ARRAY Filmworks, hopes to bring forth the different voices, cultures, and experiences to a bigger world.

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Home Sweet Home Episode 1 Release Date & Where To Watch?

Home Sweet Home Episode 1 is releasing on October 15, 2021, and will air on NBC at 8 pm ET. As mentioned above, the experimental reality shows Ava DeVurnay is featuring 18 different families, with two in each episode. So expect the show to have around nine episodes in the first season run of its. Although there are no details on the episode schedule for Home Sweet Home, we are expecting it to have a new episode every Friday following the first. Streaming services such as Peacock and other video-on-demand services like Amazon, VUDU, and iTunes may soon start offering the show after its airing as well.

Ava DuVernay at the Oscars

Ava DuVernay at the Oscars (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

At the moment, Home Sweet Home doesn’t have a trailer or an official synopsis or the cast it will feature. But as the press release from NBC suggests, we may have the first two families accepting the challenge and trying to fit into each other’s lives in the very first episode of Home Sweet Home. How would that turn out is something we will be waiting to see. Furthermore, it is Ava DeVurnay’s first show at NBC which is a celebration of its own and so let’s hold onto it as this experimental show arrives.

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