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What To Expect From Holmes Family Effect Season 1?

Holmes Family Effect Season 1- What Is It About?
Holmes Family Effect is a Canadian Reality Television show. This is hosted by as suggested in the title by the Holmes family. The father, Mike Holmes, is accompanied by his two children – Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes. The family travels to different places each episode visiting different people who are or have tried to make a difference for their community. The Holmes family in every episode surprises the deserving person or people, renovate and transfers their living or working spaces into new ones.
Mike Holmes is a contractor by profession. He has been a part of other shows like Holmes on Homes, Holmes Inspection, and Canada’s Handyman Challenge. His two children on the show also follow the same profession. The series originally aired in Canada and is now all prepared to air in America as well.

Production, Cast, And Crew

This new CTV aired show premieres every Sunday since the month of February 2021. The first episode was premiered on 7th February and the recent on 7th March on CTV Network. By far, four episodes of this reality show have been covered. The cast and crew team involved in the making are- The Holmes Family -Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., and Sherry Holmes. Apart from that the cast covered in the four episodes involved were- Riley Stevenson and Russell Peters, Frank Meleca, and lastly Erich Saide.

The Holmes Family Effect crew comprises Jonathan Payne, Grant Greschuk, and Paul McConvey as the producers, Robin Johnston as the director, and finally, Mike Holmes as the executive producer alongside Tina Apostolopoulos. The production company partnered is Make It Right Productions.

Holmes Family Effect Season 1 Episode 1

Holmes Family Effect Season 1 - What is It About?

A Still From The Sets Of Holmes Family Effect Featuring Sherry, Mike, and Mike Jr.

The initial episode commenced with a heartfelt project revolving around an 18-year-old boy named Riley. It was titled, A Trade Of A Lifetime.’ This young boy contacted Holmes and talked regarding his Trade School – Judith Nyman Secondary School located in Brampton. The episode covers the spectacular transformation of three different classrooms of Riley’s school. The classrooms are redesigned by them. Riley’s fellow mates also are taught some amazing skills by the host family.

Mr. Meleca, Riley’s trade teacher also receives few words of gratitude and thankfulness from Holmes and Riley as well. The first project of the season was close to the trio’s heart as it involved future traders and passionate students. Russell Peters featured as a celebrity guest on the show in the very first episode.

Holmes Family Effect S1 Episode 2

The second episode of the season was aired on February 24th. With the title, ‘Think Big. Dream Bigger.’ Vanessa, a university student comes in contact with the Holmes family. Vannesa asks them to bring life to Solid State which is an outdated and uninspiring co-op center in Surrey, working for and with immigrants and racialized youth. A stunning and wonderful transformation of the Solid State’s headquarters is captured in the second episode. The co-op’s co-founder Matt also joins the team and Vannesa in turning the dull place into a much better and flexible one. The place is made more technologically appropriate for the students.

The Holmes Family Effect’s second episode was interrupted by the pandemic hit. The family was forced to leave and put halt to all the work during the production.

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Holmes Family Effect S1 E3

‘One Step At A Time’ was tilted as the third episode. Cal, a social worker, and volunteer approach the trio to transform a charity named Working Gear situated in Vancouver.  This society worked for the homeless and grappling people. Working Gear provides such people with fresh employment chances. They offer and supply them with clothes and work boots to start off fresh at a working place.

Along with the non-profit society’s director, Sarah, the family amazingly transforms the charity’s dense, crowded and compact space. Its space turns out as a fresh, open, and embracing area.

Holmes Family Effect Season 1 Latest Episode

Holmes Family Effect Season 1- What It Is About?

A Scene From Holmes Family Effect Season 1

A Youth Center named The Fort resided in Smithville transformation is covered in the most recent episode of Holmes Family Effect.  Aaron, a teenager from Ontario reaches the show hosts. Aaron was himself a part of this youth center and expresses how much is The Fort significant to him. He feels like giving it back and therefore contacts Holmes for its renovation.

Beth, an Executive Director at The Fort talks about how much the children and their lives mattered to her. The old and neglected center turns into a welcoming and lively space for the children. With another innovative title, ‘ Hold The Fort’ was the one for the last episode aired on 7th March.

What To Expect From Holmes Family Effect S1 Next Episode?

Well, it is believed that the Holmes Family Effect season 1 has culminated with its 4th and latest as the last episode. Apart from that, Holmes Family Effect- a special two-night event will be aired on the American channel- Fox. The special event episodes of the season will be premiered, this Tuesday on 16th March and 23rd March. As a two-hour episode each, it will air from 8 PM to 10 PM. Hang in to know more about the Fox premiered episodes.

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