Hitman 2: News Updates, Release Date, Competitive 1vs1 Ghost Mode

Under the banner of IO Interactive as developers and published by Warner Bros, Hitman 2- the stealth video game is soon to be launched. Hitman first came in 2016 and was an instant hit, so this game sequel will have to live up to the expectations of the first one.

In this game, Agent 47 who works for the CIA, is on a mission to kill and hunt the mysterious shadow client. There’s also an interesting backstory to Agent 47. From Miami to drug cartels of Colombia, you will get to see Agent 47 everywhere, basically in six different locations around the globe.

Hitman 2 very much will follow the premise of Hitman, the first. But it will involve a multiplayer mode this time around. With the help of a sniper rifle, players will shoot their targets in this new mode. Hitman 2 as it was first announced in June of 2018, will not episodic. The game will have two editions, Standard and Steelbook for Europe, Austral-Asia.

Hitman 2: Release Date

The game was first announced on June 7, 2018, by Warner Brother games. The release is not even a month far from today. The game will be released on November 13′ 2018. However, if you pre-order it, you will get exclusive access four days before, i.e., November 9′ 2018. This one on one, real time competitive mode game will give you an opportunity to eliminate your targets before your enemy can. Hitman 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on the very same day, i.e., November 13.

Hitman 2: 1 v 1 Ghost Mode

Just a couple of days ago, the makers IO and WB did the Ghost Mode reveal. This competitive one on one mode will start side by side in real time. Both the players will play Agent 47, and they will get to shoot their enemies. Two competitors will not get a chance to shoot or attack or even interact with each other.

It’s just that they will exist in their individual dimensions and play it out with an exclusive range of  “ghost crate supply drops” that the game Hitman 2 provides them with. This Ghost Mode is available on Miami’s location during the launch. More locations will be added with time.

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