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Hit VS Jiren: The High Level Battle! What Is Under Hit’s Sleeves?

Next week would be Jiren and Hit’s bout, right after Goku and Jiren finished fighting on the stage. We are all still caught up in the hype of how the turn of events came out. Goku can fight eye to eye against Jiren in his Ultra Instinct mode, but he ran out of gas and he never landed a huge blow out of Jiren.

With the conclusion of the battle and Goku’s untimely defeat, Hit took on the stage to somehow buy time for Goku to escape. He thought that he could damage Jiren, while the Pride Trooper finished Goku. But, it seems like Jiren is also well aware of Hit’s presence.

It was seen in the preview of episode 111, that Hit tried to poke into Jiren through performing simultaneous time skip around him. JIren just deflected his attacks effortlessly, like he predicted Hit’s movements, even before they become Hit’s thoughts. But, Hit seems to be hiding something up that fancy sleeves of his.

It was seen in the preview that Jiren is actually having a harder time against Hit compared to Goku in Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20. At one point, Hit managed to make Jiren pullback for a second, which means that Hit got stronger than Goku after the Twin Universe Tournament. See this reaction?

Since this battle’s aim is to poke Jiren’s hidden weakness, we’ll definitely know more about Jiren in the next episode. Hit is Hit, and he will definitely not come out of it empty-handed. But, he will surely lose a lot of stamina in this battle, because attacks him every now and then.


What I really want to know is how Hit got the same Ki barrier like Jiren does. In Jiren’s case, his huge energy creates a sort of a barrier that automatically deflects attacks weaker than it (e.g. Goku’s base form Kamehameha). Hit’s barrier might be something related to his “deadly attack” that he didn’t use during their fight with Goku. It’s hard to know for sure, but, Hit’s barrier looks kinda heavy. It might be the reason why, he can time skip simultaneously, even though he got attacked several times by Jiren.

This purple sphere in Hit’s hand looks like a compressed energy, similar to Jiren’s Ki blast. This looks painful, but not painful enough like Jiren’s. With all these new things about Hit, you can safely say that he’s stronger than Goku in SSB Kaioken x 20. But, what really interests me is how did he do this?

The punch looks painful and the first time we really see Jiren make an emotion is when he was knee-capped by Goku in the stomach. It’s possible that Hit’s whole energy is behind this punch. And judging by the look of things, this will be the punch that will throw Jiren.

Written by Keira Alexandria

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