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Is Hit Really Eliminated or He’s Coming Back? – Explained

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Hit was one of the main fighters in the Tournament of Power, and he was, without a doubt, the strongest warrior that Universe 6 had. But, he’s not there anymore. In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Hit was up against Jiren, and Jiren absolutely battered him. Although Hit did do well against him, and he even caught him with his Time Cage for a moment, a victory against Jiren in those circumstances was impossible, and thus, Hit was knocked out of the Tournament of Power.

I think most of the Dragon Ball Super fans were annoyed with this, because, frankly speaking, Hit is a fan favourite character. I myself like him a lot, and he’s just one of those who you would at least want to reach the end of the Tournament of Power.

Hit’s elimination hit us all very hard, but there may be some hope after all. Hit may actually still be in the Tournament of Power, and not eliminated, like we think he was. You may have guessed it by now, the basis of this theory has to do with Hit’s ability to store the time that he has skipped and use it as an alternate dimension to keep his real body in. Meanwhile, in the real world, Hit leaves behind a phantom, and this generally gives Hit a 100% assassination chance.

The theory goes on to suggest that Hit is actually using this ability, and the Hit that we saw getting eliminated was, in fact, a phantom. It’s just hard to believe that Hit would lose so early, and more importantly, so easily. Now, I’m not saying that Jiren is not strong, nor am I suggesting that Hit is stronger than him.

What I’m saying here is that, Hit had enough energy left to evade the attack from Jiren, and it could’ve been a possibility. Further, in the fight against Jiren, Hit used the Tokitobashi technique too much. We’ve never seen him do that before. He was skipping so much time, and the explanation we got was that Hit was trying to adjust to Jiren’s attacks and movements.

But, if he skipped a lot of time, that also suggests that he stored a lot of time, which would mean that if Hit was on the brink of elimination, he could just use the stored time to pull himself up once again.

There is definitely something weird with Hit’s elimination. I, for one, just don’t see one of the most important Dragon Ball Super characters getting eliminated this early. Further, Universe 6 doesn’t really have much left now. Kale is probably the only fighter they can expect anything from. Cabba and Caulifla are strong as well, but to beat guys like Jiren and Goku, they would need a lot of work to do. Hit being there means they could actually have a chance. I personally feel Hit may still be around, but as I said before, it’s a theory.

I know you may have your own opinion, or you probably believe that Hit has been knocked out, and that’s fine. Let me know what you think about this. Do you believe Hit is still around? Let me know in the comments section below.


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Now I know this would be really hard to grasp, after all, it’s Frieza and all Frieza has ever known is death, chaos, and destruction also wanting Goku dead! As I watched the parts with Frieza over and over, he started to remind me of someone who originally wanted Goku dead but is now an ally… Vegeta!

So could Goku’s natural charm be really working on the “Space Tyrant” Frieza? Looking back from when Goku first picked up Frieza from Baba’s and their back and forth feud to now is basically “day and night” the complete opposite! Frieza and Goku were going back and forth with hits and witty retorts like they were ready to fight any minute. It seemed like they were ready to start from where they left off in the “Revival of F” Arc. Leading up to the Tournament of Power, it seemed as if Frieza was all about himself, and didn’t care about the fate of Universe 7… Was all that just an act?

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