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Hinter Gittern Dating: All About The Series

Have you watched the famous love series  Hinter Gittern Dating? Well, Today’s article is all about the German television series Hinter Gittern Dating. Are you ready? Let’s start. Hinter Gittern Dating is a German television series in the form of an opera and told of an overly registered life in a women’s prison. The series was publish from 22 September 1997 to 13 February 2007 on independent radio station RTL. The acts were played out in a women’s fictional prison, Reutlitz in Berlin, and included stories of romantic love, drug trafficking, escape attempts, arguments with brutal prison guards, and crimes such as murder. RTL has decided to cancel a long-running drama after 16 seasons and 403 episodes. The last nine episodes were aired late at 01.05 AM.

The series was produced by Grundy UFA TV Productions, at the former “Wavell Barracks” military base in Spandau region. Directed by Dagmar von Chappuis, Roger Wielgus, Axel Bock, Sebastian Monk,  O God Schwartz, O , Conny  and others.

From a dramaturgical point of view, elements of action, romance, tension, etc. serve a broad spectrum of viewer interests. Through guest appearances and crossovers, Hinter Gittern has become part of the common series universe of Everything that counts.

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Hinter Gittern Dating

The incident took place in the Reutlitz prison in Berlin. Each episode builds on the other. As is common in soap operas, new stories are constantly add on to the series and come together, with some endings. In this case, it is set out as romantic relationships, drug dealing, escape attempts, quarrels with prison officials, and crimes such as murder. A prison jar is used. After a while, Christine Walter, a bank robber and authority among other prisoners, became a more important and well-known role than the average audience.


By the end of February 2007, all the sets on the site of the old British barracks in Berlin-Spandau had torn down. Only the backdrops of the prison nursery, which is bit away from the main and production site, and the prison’s own chapel is retain for posterity, but are becoming increasingly shabby. As offshoots to the series, there are novels in which, for example, previous top stories about people from the series are or events from the series that are particularly got well responses by the audience.

 In addition, two music albums with the stars from Hinter Gittern had set down. The titles included served as the soundtrack of the series episodes for a while. A wall calendar for the series is also came out annually. 

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Seasons Of Hinter Gittern

 After a relatively short 14th season, the series took a summer break for the first time in June 2005. On August 22, 2005, a special one came out, What happened in Reutlitz?, Which point to the return of the role of Jutta Adler. In addition, the story of the previous season was sum up in flashbacks, which should make it easier for new viewers to began with the series happenings. The 15th season, which started on September 12 with a double episode, ran unusually long with 33 episodes. After a final double episode on May 22, 2006, the series went on a summer break for a second time.

It was completely new from September 2006 in its 16th season under the motto Hinter Gittern – RELOADED! presents. New backdrops, such as a protection zone in the prison yard, a different camera technology and a “back to the roots” thinking in the story made for a changed appearance. 


In the course of the 16th season, falling audience ratings led the program managers to decide to let the series run out and to broadcast the last episodes on Tuesday night. The last episode aired on February 13, 2007 at 1:05 am. In the last scene, the prison gate opened first and then the lock. All participants left Reutlitz in the back light. 

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Prominent guest roles

Several well-known personalities participated in this series. These personalities are Martin Semmelrogge, Erika Berger , Vanessa Petruo , Karel Gott , Ruth Moschner, Jürgen Drews , Tamara Countess von Nayhauß , Patrick Lindner , Markus Lanz, Regina Halmich  and many others. The former escape helper Hasso Herschel was also part of several episodes. His sister Anita Moeller was responsible for the props behind the camera.

Numerous supporting characters have played with Hinter Gittern Dating. These minor characters include Martina Baumann, Susanne, Nina, Carrie Hampel, David Kramer,  Safia Monney and many more.

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