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Preview: Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9 will air soon, so let’s look at the upcoming episode’s recent updates and details. The anime has arrived at the last stage, where we will see the truth behind the Hinamizawa village’s Oyashiro-sama cursed getting revealed. The students and the villagers continue to assassinate each other due to the Oyashiro-sama curse. Rika traveled to another dimension and chose another fragment where everyone is alive, but Satoka is still after to give her more pain. In the evening, Satoko continues with her pretense threatening that she is leaving.

Rika tries to convince her to stay since her uncle tortured her in the past, and she can’t stay with a bad guy. Satoko reminds Rika that her uncle is part of her family and family sticks together no matter what. Rika insists on her staying since no one can stand the uncle and aunt’s behavior. Satoko replies that if she doesn’t leave, her uncle will destroy her brother’s room. Rika accepts and reminds Satoko to come to school, and they will walk together. A villager visits Mion at night, and Mio told the geezer that her old gran is sleeping he can come by in the morning.

The geezer smiles and reveals a rumor going around the village, but he wanted to tell Oryo about it. Mion wonder if the news is essential, and the geezer replies that it involves the Hojo’s. Someone says they spotted Teppei Hojo at his house in the village. Mion wonders when that happened, and the geezer said Teppei yells at people. The geezer decided to leave and said he would Oryo with more details in the morning. Satoko walks alone with cursed eyes and realizes that her plans are falling into place.

Previously on Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 8

On Monday 13 June 1983, Satoko wakes up in her uncle’s place, and the uncle wants to walk her to school since she told him strange things. Satoko told her uncle that she could manage and he must not create a scene. The uncle comments that he feels like Satoko is not safe walking alone to school. Satoko told him that nothing would happen to her, and he asks if someone tries to assault her in the way. Satoko replies that she is brave and has a family to come back to share sorrows.

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

The uncle decided to make food for her asks her to tell him if she needs anything. After listening to her heartwarming story, Satoko is glad that she fooled her uncle, and he turned into a carrying parent. The uncle allows her to go to school and decide to do the house chores. Mion waits for Rena and Keichi, who were late. When they arrive, Rena said that Keichi dreamed about Satoko, and Keichi comments that it is not what Mion is thinking.

On the other side, Rika met with Satoko. Sakoto approaches her with a sad face and continues with her pretense. Rika reminds Satoko that they will be late, and Satoko told her that she wouldn’t walk with her to school, and starting today, they will go separate ways. Rika owners why, and Satoko lies that her uncle wants her to run a few errands. Later, Keichi and others learned those lies, believed that Satoko’s uncle was torturing her, and decided to help her.

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9 Release Date

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9 will be released on Thursday, 19 August 2021, at 11:30 PM. The anime has recently arrived at its peak, and more is about to be revealed; don’t miss the next updates every Thursday. Let’s look at the Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU PV below.

Where To Watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9?

You can watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 9 online on Funimation. Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU has official platforms worldwide. You can visit the official website and Twitter account to learn more about this anime. Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU episodes have English subtitles, you can also do anime rewatch online. Also Read: Preview: Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles Episode 7.

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