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Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 3: Preview and Recap

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU picks up from where it left, and the young students have grown up. The episode begins with Keiichi Maebara sleeping and wakes up as the sun heat hits his face. Keiichi opens the window feeling the fresh breeze coming from the village. Rena is at her house preparing breakfast. Mion is getting ready for school, and Satoko steps out from her home. Rika saw something, and Satoko asks her what is happening, and Rika replies that it is nothing.

On the wall, there is a calendar written 10 June 1983, and Sakoto wonders why Rika continuously checks the calendar many times. Satoko believes that Rika will end up changing her mind and accept Hinamizawa with her heart. Her eyes turn red and glow red light, saying that Rika will never escape June of 1983. Rena finished cooking for and wraps her delicious food. She went to her father’s room and told him that she is heading out, and he told her to stay safe.

Rena notices that her father is not doing well and asks him if she can bring medicine or water. The father replies that he is fine, but he drank too much of Okinomiya last night. Satoko asks her father if Rina was drinking with him the previous night. The father responds that Rina is excellent and he would like Satoko to meet with Rina. Satoko avoids the proposal by saying she will be late and her friends will be waiting for her. At the same spot as the old times, the students met. Keiichi arrived and said that Satoko is always here early. The two met with Mion, who tease them that they are late taking their sweet time.

Previously Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 1 and 2

Keiichi also teases Mion that she always took her sweet time too. Rika and Satoko have arrived at school. Rika notices that the pranks continue like in the past as Satoko plans to prank the coming trio. Satoko said she is making traps that will blow everyone’s mind, and Keiichi always fall for those traps. One day when Keiichi arrives at school, he falls at those old pranks that a maze flour hits the face, and you look like a white ghost. Rika praises Satoko that she is good at setting traps.

Satoko replies that she is testing her skills, and the two heard the students’ voices approaching. They fled the scene for the prank to work and Keichi arrives thinking that he will never fall for the same trick again. Unfortunately, Keiichi got pranked and realizes that Satoko is the prank master who can make a person falls for the same prank. The students laugh at Keiichi, who shouts Satoko’s name. On Sunday 12 June 2021, Rena thanks Keiichi for hanging around with her.

Gentlemen’s Club

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU

Keiichi and the two went to the junkyard and realize that Rena loves to climb on trash. The two enjoy hanging out together. In the evening, Rena arrives at home and finds that her father is heading somewhere. The father said ”She” called him and there was no rejecting her. Rena asks how it is all about ”Her.” Rena’s father asks if Rena said something and said it is nothing while telling him to enjoy himself. The father leaves the house, and the girl gets distressed saying that she can’t be so down in the dumps.

Rena realizes that she dropped ”I” from her name since that woman Rina is taking over her father. The girl cleans the house and found something underneath the cupboard written ”Gentlemen’s Club” NO. 23 Rina.” Rena begins to wonder why it is about ”Gentlemen” instead of a gentleman. On Monday, 13 June 1983, the students head to school, and Satoko pranks everyone and gets chased by Reka. Satoko comments that Rika will never outrace her.

Rika replies that she is not racing and she’s on a scavenger hunt, and she can still win this race. Satoko replies that there will be no hard feelings about who wins the game. While the other students play a game hiding something, Rena realizes that thing got hidden somewhere where Keiichi won’t reach. Rena heads to the storage room and thinks that she will find the item and win the game. Later Rena finds the truth about the divorce between her parents and that her father receives a considerable amount of money for the divorce.

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 3 Release Date

Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU Episode 3 release date is 8Β July 2021. You can watch Higurashi When They Cry SOTSU online on Funimation.

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