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High School Rapper Season 4 Episode 2: Review and Analysis

High School Rapper Season 4

Reality shows are becoming quite popular all over the world. It gives everyone a chance and platform who has the talent to showcase their potentiality. The best among the contestants will emerge as the winner. But, nowadays, hip hop, apart from singing and dancing, is gaining quite a popularity, to find the best rapper. South Korea, too has one such reality drama show that is going on since 2017 for finding the best rapper from a group of contestants. High School Rapper, as the name suggests giving preference on the hip hop raps from the contestants of high school. Now, High School Rapper is already in the air and going on. Lets, find out all the details on the last aired episode of High School Rapper Season 4.

High School rapper is a reality survival variety hip-hop musical show. It found its way back in 2017 and had successfully released three seasons. Now, the show is again back for its fourth season. It is already airing and two episodes are available for watching until now. The other names for the series are School Rapper. Mnet’s original network premieres the show.

High School Rapper Season 4 Episode 2: Release Date

High School Rapper series is equivalent to other shows, Unpretty Rapstar and Show Me The Money. The show will have eight episodes similar to its previous seasons. It airs every Friday of the week. The show began premiering on February 19, 2021, and will run until April 9, 2021. High School Rapper Season 2 Episode 4 got released on February 26, 2021. Stone Music Entertainment is the distributor for the show with CJ E&M as the Entertainment company.

High School Rapper Season 4


High School Rapper Season 4 Episode 2: Mentor

Each season of the High School Rapper has mentors that undertake contestants in their groups. The announcement for the mentor line-up of High School Rapper Season 4 took place on December 2, 2020. There are five mentors in the season, namely, Jay Park, Yumdda, pH-1, The Quiett, and Woogie. Jay Park rose to fame from South Korea. But, went to America for making his career. Later on, he returned to South Korea and began his career again as a solo rapper and singer. He made his debut as a leader from the 2 PM boy band of South Korea. However, he had to return to Seattle after his hate comments on Korea.

Yumdda, another one of the mentors, is a great rapper from South Korea besides being a VJ from the South Korean MTV. His recent contribution is as a founder of Daytona Entertainment which is a new record label. There are various prestigious awards won by him during his years in the entertainment industry. Just like Jay Park, pH-1 is also a rapper of Korean-American origin. One interesting thing about him is that his songs never contain any sexual things, money, or drugs.

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The Quiett has been active since 2003 and even has its own website. He is one of the most successful rappers from South Korea after having found three record labels. Most recently, he collaborated with Jay Park and founded Daytona Entertainment. Mentor Woogie is also a producer besides being a rapper from the South Korean industry. He made his debut in 2018 under H1ghr Music. Simon Dominic, Way Ched, Loco, and Changmo are also the mentor of the reality series. However, their revelation took place only later on after the starting of the show. Nucksal is the presenter of High School Rapper Season 4. He has been the presenter for the last two seasons.

There is no exact story or plot as High School Rapper Season 4 is a reality competition show. The present season hopes to find the best rapper from high school between 2002 and 2005. There are more than 12,000 contestants that appeared for the auditions. It is the highest number that the show has seen yet. However, there are no female participants selected. Forty participants got selected from Round 1 selection. The competition between them is really tough as only one will be the final winner. Selection takes through the organization of various challenges by the mentors. They give challenges to the participants and see whether they can complete them accordingly or not. Reportedly, the mentors will also take contestants under them.

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