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Is High School Musical 4 Coming Soon? TikTok confusion

Is High School Musical 4 Coming Soon? TikTok confusion

If you are a millennial, then the Disney channel was your childhood jam. And guess what? There are rumors that Disney’s most loved movie High School Musical 4 will be releasing soon. Are the rumors true? The last High School Musical movie was released in 2008, and after 13 years, some whispers say they might come back. The rumors started to flow when a Tiktok video was released, stating that there will be a fourth part of the series.

Is High School Musical 4 Coming Soon? TikTok confusion

High School Musical Original Cast

The movie’s first part was released in 2006, and it talks about basketball star Troy Bolton (Zac Efron) and bashful, smart Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens). After a chance encounter at winter recess, Gabriella reconnects with Troy after assigning to East High School in Albuquerque. Drama empress Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale), attempting to eliminate her race for the Winter Musical, demonstrates Taylor McKessie (Monique Coleman) to encourage Gabriella to the Scholastic Decathlon team. Troy’s friend Chad Danforth (Corbin Bleu) is worried that Troy is redirected from basketball.

Part 1

Following Sharpay and her twin brother Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) complete a flashy audition for the musical, Troy and Gabriella guide them to give their performance and obtain a callback. When the school determines out Troy and Gabriella have auditioned, everyone shudders the school’s status quo is drastically increasing, frustrating Sharpay. Chad and Taylor, fearful their respective teams will fail, try to negotiate, leading Gabriella to believe Troy does not worry about her. Guilty, Chad, and Taylor’s teams establish what they have done.

Sharpay and Ryan demonstrate drama teacher Ms. Darbus to change callbacks to the corresponding date as the basketball championship and the Decathlon. Chad and Taylor stage a school-wide microcomputer glitch that makes the school stop the game and the Decathlon and manage all the learners into the auditorium. Troy and Gabriella appear in the nick of time and are granted the lead roles, while Sharpay and Ryan are understudies. The movie ends as the whole school gathers in the gym to glorify East High’s basketball victory.

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The first sequel of the movie was out in 2007. It made a good fanbase; Breaking the previous movie’s record as the most victorious DCOM ever produced, with 17 million observers for its premiere broadcast in the United States. The cast of the initial movie returned for the sequel. It talks about Gabriella’s happiness to eventually spend summer vacation at the end of the school time without having to move. The whole group is hired at Lava Springs Country Club, where Sharpay tries to persuade Mr. Fulton (Mark L. Taylor) to threaten the Wildcats into quitting.

Part 2

As the club provides for the end-of-summer talent show, Sharpay schemes to acquire Troy over numerous luxuries, including a fortune for a college scholarship, suffering Gabriella. Ryan, abandoned by Sharpay, gives the Wildcats more time and secretly prepares a special dance number to perform at the talent show. Sharpay finds this and orders Mr. Fulton to refuse all Junior Staff to participate in the talent show. Neglected by his friends, Troy has an overwhelming rehearsal with Sharpay and loses Gabriella, who resigns her job at Lava Springs.

Realizing Sharpay’s plan from Mr. Fulton’s memo, Troy defies Sharpay and refuses to sing with her. Chad and the Wildcats overcome Troy to go back to Sharpay and the show. Ryan confuses Troy and Sharpay with a change in song – as the last act, Troy sings solo, when Gabriella surprisingly joins him, along with the support of the Wildcats. Sharpay studies her lesson in humility and is encouraged to join in. Rather than awarding the Star Dazzle Trophy to herself, as normal, she gives it to Ryan. Troy and Gabriella share their first kiss, and everyone keeps the end of the summer with a staff pool party.

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Part 3

The third part of the movie was released in 2008. Receiving generally positive reviews set a record for the largest opening weekend for a musical movie and grew into the franchise’s highest-grossing movie. The movie talks about reaching the end of senior year. Troy attacks the Wildcats to a basketball championship victory. He and Gabriella return on their time at East High and their uncertain future. Most Wildcats were selected to the Spring Musical, which will present the students’ terminal days at East High. Ms. Darbus also states that she will select one student for a Juilliard scholarship; With Sharpay, Ryan, Kelsi, and Troy under deliberation. Desperate to win, Sharpay tries to persuade Ryan to help her overcome Kelsi to consider them as the leads.

With prom encompassing the corner, Taylor ultimately agrees to be Chad’s date, and Ryan asks Kelsi. Gabriella has an event to attend Stanford early, and Sharpay plans Troy to encourage Gabriella to go. They Fought about his own college choices and Gabriella’s absence. Troy drives to meet Gabriella for their prom night. The Wildcats prepares for the musical, where Troy and Gabriella make an astonishing appearance, and Ms. Darbus declares that both Kelsi and Ryan have accepted a scholarship to Juilliard. The Wildcats expose their college choices; with Troy choosing to stay not far from Gabriella, and the film makes its ending with big celebratory graduation.

Is High School Musical 4 Coming Soon? TikTok confusion

Disney confirmed that High School Music 4 would be releasing in the second half of 2021. Tiktok confused the fans, or in other words, it played their fans. It was a PR stunt, and it worked. The movie is the most-watched movie on Disney to date. However, it is said that the movie has a completely different cast and different storyline.