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High On The Hog Season 2: Are We In For More African-American Food?

Plot, Cast & Everything We Know About High On The Hog Season 2
From The Intro Of High On The Hog Season 1

High On The Hog certainly left quite a mark on Netflix when it arrived in May of 2021. Critics quickly took their time to praise the show. Certainly, unlike most of the food shows around, High On The Hog focused on in-depth storytelling touching major topics related to African-American history and how it was them who influenced the American Cuisine everyone enjoys today. Hoping to hear more stories about the same, here we are taking a look at the possibility of High On The Hog Season 2, its release date, plot, and everything we know.

High On The Hog takes inspiration from Jessica B. Harris’ book of the same name. She joined the show as a guest in the first episode of Season 1 and got us through some major history lessons about Benin. From Benin, Stephen Satterfield, the show’s host, flew to Sea Islands in South Carolina to meet The Gullah Chef. Then to Philadelphia to hear stories of some legendary African-American Chefs. All of this before closing to the stories of Black Cowboys. So the show is planning to pick up where it left off. Therefore, here is a complete recap of High On The Hog Season 1 before we move to Season 2.

High On The Hog Season 1 Recap: Episode 1

The first season of High On The Hog saw Stephen Satterfield taking us on a trip to tell the story of American Cuisine. Jessica B. Harris joined him on the first episode in Cotonou, Benin, as they went exploring a market. Then sharing a story of how Benin was a hub for the transatlantic slave trade over Benin’s Grilled Chicken with Amiwo. Food Blogger Karelle Vignon took Stephen to eat Creamy Sweet Potato Mousse and Shrimp as they heard a chef’s story.

What Went Down In High On The Hog Season 1?

From High On The Hog Season 1 Episode 1 Featuring Stephen Satterfield and Dr. Jessica B. Harris

Then Stephen went on to visit Abomey, once the capital of Dahomey Kingdom. Also how the place once had the reputation of being the biggest kingdom of the slave trade. Then a trip to the water village of Ganvie. The place began that with a Voodoo Legend. The same place where Stephen tried Gateua, which is more like a cake. The first episode came to a close with an Ancient feast only women from small villages of Porto Novo knew how to prepare.

Episode 2

The second episode opened at the shores of Sullivan Island, and then Stephen took us to Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina. We heard about the stories of how Charleston was the result of the slave trade. Then Stephen had one of the many one-pot meals and learned a traditional way of how people tasted it. Glenn Roberts of Anson Mills told Stephen about the rice fields of Charleston and famed Carolina Gold Rice. Then the story of how Charleston’s food is rooted in The Gullah. To learn about The Gullah, Stephen left to Sea Islands to hear it from BJ Dennis, who is popular as The Gullah Chef.

What Went Down In Episode 2?

From High On The Hog Season 1 Episode 2 Featuring Stephen Satterfield and BJ Dennis

After BJ Dennis told his story, he took Stephen to his mentors Bill and Sara Green at St. Helena Island. Over the lunch of Mullet Fish and Rice, Bill and Sara Green told the story of Mullet Fishman. Then Stephen went to one of the remotest Sea Islands, Daufuskie Island, for BJ Dennis’ whole hog roast for Miss Sallie Ann Robinson. Following that, Stephen went to Apex, Carolina, to meet BJ’s friend Gabrielle Etienne who is more or less exploring her own cultural roots of her food. The episode closed with Stephen helping BJ with a classic Barbecue House Dish of South Carolina.

Episode 3

The third episode began with The Legend Of Hercules. The enslaved African-American slave who worked for President George Washington. A Chef who was popular, and many celebrated his cooking at Washington’s house. We also heard of how he made money by selling leftover food. In Philadelphia, Chef Brian Dunsmoor and Martin Draluck told Stephen about a method called Hearth Cooking. Charlottesville, Virginia, told Stephen about James Hemings’ story, Monticello, and how Jefferson’s 607 enslaved people worked on a plantation. Dr. Leni Sorensen then treated Stephen with Macaroni Pie which is popularly known as Mac and Cheese.

Events From Previous Season That May Affect High On The Hog Season 2

From High On The Hog Season 1 Episode 3 Featuring Stephen Satterfield

Manhattan, New York, continued the story of James Hemings and Hercules. Then Stephen met his friend Omar Tate who dedicated his craft and art to Thomas Downing and told us about the recipe of New York Oyster Stew. Next, Stephen went to Staten Island to learn about Sandy Ground. Coming to Brooklyn, Stephen met Ben Harney, whose Oyster Cart takes people to the beginning of Thomas Downing’s legacy. The episode came to a close with Lauren Monroe, who comes from one of the great black catering families of Philadelphia, and a nice dinner from Omar Tate.

Episode 4

The fourth episode saw Stephen visiting Texas to unravel the story of freedom delayed. The Story Of Lonestar State, the place which was the last to abolish slavery. The Story of Juneteenth, the Independence day in African-American culture that marked the end of slavery. Acclaimed Food Blogger Jerrelle Guy joined in to share her take on emancipation, and Stephen had her specials such as Raw Raspberry Hibiscus Cheesecake, Apple Pie, and The Red Velvet Cake. Next, we hear the stories of Black Cowboys’ input in Western Heritage from Anthony Bruno. To the end of the day, Stephen had a traditional dish called Son Of A Gun or Cowboy Stew.

Ending Of Season 1

From High On The Hog Season 1 Episode 1

The next day saw Stephen coming across a Barbecue Joint next to a Baptist Church in Huntsville. Houston, Texas saw Stephen visiting Gatlin’s BBQ for an old-school taste with an upscale spin with the help of owner Greg Gatlin. Next, Stephen visited The Black Cowboy Museum in Rosenberg, Texas, and met the man behind it, Larry Callies. The season closed with Stephen visiting Downtown Houston to see Chef Chris Williams’ culinary magic from his own family pride.

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High On The Hog Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

High On The Hog Season 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’s definitely happening. Netflix officially renewed the show for a second season in turn. You can either tell from the views of the fans who have loved the show or critics praising it heavily. The show was a hit, and we believe there are more stories to be told that can feature on High On The Hog Season 2.

If we are to determine the release date for High On The Hog Season 2, we are expecting it to be late 2022 or somewhere in 2023. It comes from the fact that the first season was shot prior to the pandemic from late 2019 to early 2020. Still, Netflix decided to hold on and give it a release a year later. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be an update on whether the show has already started shooting yet, but we will be looking forward to it. Also, since the show has defined itself as a hit now, we can say Netflix could push High On The Hog Season 2 for an earlier release.

When Will High On The Hog Season 2 Release?

From High On The Hog Season 1

High On The Hog Season 2 Plot & Cast

As you may or may not know, High On The Hog is a show all about the food and its history. Stephen Satterfield hosts the show that takes inspiration from the book of the same name by food historian Jessica B. Harris. It dives deep into the history of African American food that inspired the American Cuisine we know today. More like going back to the roots and figuring out where the recipes of some of the best food we know in America come from.

The first season of High On The Hog saw the show taking bringing the first half of Jessica B. Harris’ book to light. Executive Producer Fabienne Toback suggests that the show will continue with the second half. In this, we may see Stephen Satterfield exploring the systemic racism and even the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on race and the restaurant industry. Fabienne Toback is also happy about how the show has opened an eye to the history of Black food and the challenging circumstances which resulted in ingredients coming to the United States Of America.

Story Of High On The Hog Season 2

From High On The Hog Season 1 Featuring Stephen Satterfield

Director and executive producer of High On The Hog Roger Ross Williams spoke about the renewal. He is too excited to continue this journey through Black food and culture. With such a powerful response, he hopes to amplify and empower the Black culinary story and experience in the coming Season 2 Of High on The Hog Season 2.

Talking about the cast, Stephen Satterfield has officially confirmed through his social media that he is joining High On The Hog for Season 2. So we may see him returning to continue exploring the places according to the book and continue meeting the people who have kept the Black food alive today with their own stories to tell. Also, we would love to see  Gabrielle E.W. Carter, Jessica B. Harris, and Romauld Hazoume make more special appearances like in Season 1.

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