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High Class Episode 8: Release Date & Spoilers

High Class Episode 8
High Class 2021 Kdrama

Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

High Class Episode 8 is coming soon! The suspense mystery High Class kdrama is picking its pace. Finally, the drama showing some crucial parts that will help viewers complete this puzzle. Some fans even describe the drama as a mixture of Sky Castle and The World of The Married. The latest episode has finally exposed Ji Yong’s cheating affair to Yeo Wool. However, that ultimately destroys her. Na Yoon, on the other side, seems to get bolder. She even gets on Ji Sun’s side to make her daughter one of the greeting representatives at the upcoming music festival. Na Yoon implies she is doing all of this to get her daughter what she truly deserves. But is it really for her daughter’s sake? Or is she scheming something else?

If we put aside Yeo Wool’s matter, the other mothers are also plotting on each other back. The high class women hold trust at the value of zero. Even though it is not revealed why they need Yeo Wool to complete their plan, they all seem to fall apart with each passing episode. It shows that Danny, who wants to help Yeo Wool, is tied up by Chairman Do. Still, he helps her by sending an anonymous message, alerting her to be careful of the people around her. Yeo Wool is already skeptical of Danny’s credibility. Will they work together or face each other only time will tell.

The mystery behind Ji Yong’s death is still not disclosed. Like many mentioned, it does not seem simple suicide case. For the upcoming episodes will bring more clues about it. For now, fans are looking forward to how Yeo Wool will handle after knowing about her late husband cheating with the woman she once thought of as a friend.

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High Class Episode 8 Release Date

High Class Episode 8 will be released on 28 September 2021 at 10.30 pm KST on the tvN channel. The first episode premiered on 6 September 2021. High Class is scheduled to be concluded on 26 October 2021. It contains sixteen episodes in total. With each moving episode, the plot thickening. If you have not watched it, you can start now and binge-watch the drama. Each episode runs for 60-65 min duration. New episode of High Class releases weekly on Monday and Tuesday at 10.30 pm KST only on tvN. Domestic viewers can watch the kdrama on the tvN network. For international fans, the drama is available on the online streaming network iQIYI. However, iQIYI is available only in selected locations.

High Class Episode 8

High Class featuring Yeo Wool and Na Yoon

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episodes?

Every episode reveals hidden secrets, bringing various plot twists and more suspense to the storyline. The latest episode enlightens numerous parts of the story. Danny is on his way to get out of Director Do’s clutch, and for that, he even digs her history. More mysterious coming, but what could be Director Do’s tale? Is it really Ahn Ji Yong who put Director Do to her current position? What exactly could be her role here? It also reveals that Chef Jung was the one who sent the flowers but did not want to reveal his identity. It seems he is scheming something behind Yeo Wool and Do Young. Does he have taken a liking to Yeo Wool?

High Class Episode 8

High Class featuring Yeo Wool and Chef Jung

Furthermore, Nam Ji Sun is also after Chairman Do. That leads to Yeo Wool finding that Ji Yong might be the one who made her Chairman. The main twist of the drama, Ji Yong’s relationship with Na Yoon, has been unveiled to Yeo Wool. After knowing the bitter truth, Yeo Wool has taken the matter in her hand, which will show us how she will manage Na Yoon in the future.

Fans Speculations about Ji Yong’s death

Many fans are wondering about Ji Yong’s death since his body has not been found yet. Like, it has happened in many kdramas where the dead person comes back to life if their body is not found. This could also happen here. His mysterious death making viewers come up with various theories, such as he might have faked his death to get out the trouble he caused or someone from the mothers’ team is behind this or some new faces could be introduced in the future episodes. There is not much exposed yet regarding his death. Only time will tell what more has the future in store for viewers. To unfold the suspense and mystery of high class women’s lifestyle, watch High Class Episode 8.

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