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High Class Episode 3: Release Date & Spoilers

High Class Episode 3
High Class cr: tvN

High Class Episode 3 is going to be releasing pretty soon. For those who are not aware, High Class is an ongoing South Korean cable television network. Furthermore, fans are super excited about the release of this episode. This drama has been capturing everyone’s attention due to its well-written storyline. Moreover, it has a spectacular cast that had fans adding the drama to their must-watch list even before its release. Recently, kdramas that revolve around the lives of the filthy rich or the High Class have become extremely popular. So it comes as no shock that High Class garnered a huge viewership rating right after its release. Although High Class does revolve around the elite class, that is not all that it is. The drama also focuses on the prejudice that women have to face in society.

Furthermore, High Class revolves around the lives of four dynamic women. Song Yeo Wool used to live a lavish life and was a reputed lawyer, but she suddenly lost everything. Her husband dies, and she ends up becoming the prime suspect for his murder. She moves to Jeju Island to educate her son at an International school. There, she meets four women who change her life: maybe for good, maybe for the worst. Nam Ji Sun, Danny Oh, and Hwang Na Yoon are hiding something cruel. These vibrant characters are played by a very talented cast. Such as Cho Yeo Jung from the oscar-winning movie Parasite, Kim Jee Soo from A Korean Odyssey, Park Se Jin from Mirror Of The Witch, Ha Joon from Who Are You, and Gong Hyun Joo from The Goddess Of Revenge.

All these talented actors plus the storyline make this drama very interesting to watch. In this article, we will be discussing all the details regarding High Class Episode 3.

High Class Episode 3 Release Date

High Class Episode 3 will release on 13th September 2021. Furthermore, the release date falls on a Monday, so now you can have a great start to your week. This drama has captured the hearts of kdrama fans with the release of just two episodes. Moreover, High Class first started airing on 6th September. The original broadcasting network for this drama is tvN. Furthermore, this drama was developed by Studio Dragon, which is part of the reason why it is so good to look at. High Class consists of a total of sixteen episodes and is scheduled to air till 26th October. Moreover, this drama is directed by the talented director, Ashbun. Previously, he has given us great dramas like When A Man’s In Love, East Of Eden, and Missing 9. He has a way of pulling you into the mystery.

High Class Episode 3

Yeo Wool cr: tvN

Moreover, High Class airs two episodes each week on Mondays and Tuesdays. It has taken up the 22:30 time slot on tvN according to Korean Standard Time. This time slot was previously occupied by the highly-rated drama You Are My Spring. The hype surrounding this drama dates all the way back to January of this year. With the loved show ”Penthouse” coming to an end, fans are hungrily waiting for this drama to air its episodes.

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What Went Down In The Previous Episodes?

So far, High Class has released only two episodes. But don’t you worry, because episode 3 of this suspenseful drama will be coming out this Monday. Furthermore, High Class stays true to its name and introduces us to the four women who are incredibly rich and belong to the ”High Class”. It introduced us to Song Yeo Wool, who is powerful, independent, loved by her husband, and is a powerful member of the society board. However, she loses everything in a blink when she finds out that her husband is cheating. But things go from bad to worst when a few days later, her husband’s dead body is discovered, and she becomes the prime suspect.

High Class Episode 3

Yeo Wool and her child cr: tvN

Furthermore, Song Yeo Wool has a son named An Yi Chan, who she loves more than anything. The other powerful members of the society board include Nam Ji Sun, who holds the public’s opinion in the palms of her hand, Hwang Na Yoon, who is Song Yeo Wool’s only friend, and Cha Do Young, who is Nam Ji Sun’s sidekick. All of their lives change when Danny Oh becomes a teacher at the International school. Make sure you do not miss out on this mind blogging drama.

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