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High Class Episode 14: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

High Class Episode 14

High Class Episode 14 will finally be on our screens, and fans are beyond excited. After the shock that the previous episodes gave us, we cannot wait to watch what happens next. Furthermore, High Class has given its fans some high-quality mystery to solve. Although Song Ye Wool knows that her husband is alive, she has no way to prove it. Furthermore, after Hwang Na Yoon’s tragic accident, it was clearer than ever who was behind it. Unlike what the detective thinks, it’s not people around Song Yeo Wool who keep dying, but it is the people around Ahn Ji Yong that keep getting hurt. This show is on a roll, and it is so sad that there are only a few episodes remaining.

So far, no one is curious about where Rachel Cho is. No one even knows that she is dead and buried inside a suitcase somewhere except for one person. Fans are wondering who the person that is recording this gruesome event is. At this point, the audiences suspect every single man in Jeju Island except, of course, Danny Oh. Nam Ji Sun’s husband and Cha Do Young’s husband have both caused huge trouble. The slap that Kwak Sang Gun ( Da Young’s husband) received after betting his own wife was well deserved. With everything in chaos, it will be super thrilling to see how these three women put everything back in place. If you want to find out what will happen next to the high class of Jeju Island, keep reading this article to know more about High Class Episode 14.

High Class Episode 14 Release Date

High Class Episode 14 will be released on Monday, 25 October. With the release of this episode, High Class will have just two more episodes to go. There had been a delay earlier in the release of Episode 12 due to the Qatar World Cup. However, the episodes are now back on track. This kdrama series has amped up its thrill quotient by ten. The previous episode of High Class gave fans a whiplash with the constant twists and turns.

Now that the rights for the foundation have been transferred to Maggie Chen, Ahn Ji Yong is making a comeback. Although some fans predicted that he might have gone into hiding because of his debt, no one saw the bloodshed coming. The occurrences of the previous episode, have made the wait for High Class Episode 14 more unbearable.

One moment we were happy for Hwang Na Yoon’s recovery, and the next moment we were crying because of her murder. Now, it is up to Song Yeo Wool to expose who was behind all these deaths.

High Class Episode 16 Release Date

Na Yoon cr: tvN

Watch High Class – Streaming Details

This mystery kdrama about the super-rich is another awesome addition to tvN dramas. Additionally, High Class is aired officially on tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays. This drama is broadcast by tvN at 22:30 according to Korean Standard Time. Furthermore, audiences in South Korea can easily watch this mind-blowing mystery drama on tvN. Now that we are heading towards the finale of High Class, we are receiving a shock aftershock. First, we got to clearly see that Ahn Ji Yong is well and alive. Then, we learned that he was ordering Alex Commer to do all kinds of things. Within two episodes of High Class, we have witnessed two of the most popular characters get murdered. We were not kidding when we said that High Class is on a roll. Make sure to watch the lives of the high class unravel in High Class Episode 14.

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What Went On In The Previous Episodes?

The frenzy that fans felt while watching High Class Episode 13 will remain unmatched. Furthermore, Hwang Na Yoon’s accident came entirely out of the blue. No one expected Ahn Ji Yong to kill his wife with his own hands. On the other hand, Nam Ji Sun had to bury her husband’s mistress in a suitcase. Fans suspect that she actually knew that her husband was having an affair with Rachel and killed her. Furthermore, Kwak Sang Gun is out to destroy Cha Do Young. He has made her go bankrupt and is threatening to expose her if she does not pay off the loan. Fans are excited to see how Cha Do Young is going to get out of this mess. In the previous episodes, fans finally understood why the detective only went after Song Yeo Wool. He had lost all his savings to her husband. The plot keeps thickening in High Class.

High Class Episode 14

Yeo Wool cr: tvN

Make sure to watch High Class Episode 14 to find out what Song Yeo Wool’s next plan of action is going to be.

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