‘High Class’ Episode 13: Release Date, How to Watch & Recap

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High Class Episode 13
High Class Episode 13

High Class Episode 13 will soon be on our screens, and fans cannot wait. What is Song Yeo Wool’s husband’s plan? Where is he right now? Who was in the secret room? These are some of the gazillion questions that fans have in find. High Class is a South Korean cable television network drama. This drama is yet another shiny addition to the high-class Korean drama list. If you are someone that enjoys the crimes and dirty secrets that the filthy rich hide behind their posh lives, then this one is for you. This drama focuses on five women who hold the most influential positions at a prestigious International school in Jeju. One of them is Song Yeo Wool, who became the prime suspect of her husband’s death. When she gets an invitation to teach her son at a prestigious school in Jeju, she thinks things are getting better.

However, behind the beautiful scenery of Jeju island lies the secret of her husband’s disappearance. This intriguing drama is directed by Ashbun. Ashbun’s previous works include Angry Mom and Hotel King. Moreover, the drama has a blockbuster cast that will have you dazzled. Cho Yeo Jung from the movie Parasite, Kim Jee Soo from 365: Repeat The Year, Park Se Jin from Hyena, Ha Joon from Black Dog, and Gong Hyun Joo from The Goddess Of Revenge all form the main cast of this drama. So without further ado, let us tell you all the details regarding High Class Episode 13.

High Class Episode 13 Release Date

Oh boy, has the delay in the release has made High Class fans go crazy. This gripping mystery drama already has fans biting their nails after Song Yeo Wool discovered that her husband is alive. There has been a delay in the episode releases of High Class due to the Qatar World Cup final. Due to which High Class Episode 13 will now be airing on the 19th of October. This week fans will be blessed with episodes 12 and 13 of High Class. The release date of this climactic episode will be falling on a Tuesday. It seems like everything that happened was planned by Song Yeo Wool’s husband. Furthermore, now that the police have caught onto Danny Oh’s lie, they will not let him go. High Class Episode 13 will come bearing the answers to all the questions that fans have. So do not miss out on High Class Episode 13!

High Class Episode 13
Hwang Na Yoon cr: tvN

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How to Watch High Class?

The original broadcasting network for this suspenseful drama is tvN. Furthermore, High Class airs at the 22:30 time slot according to Korean Standard Time. This mystery drama airs on two days of the week, Mondays and Tuesdays. Fans of High Class were upset because of the delay in episode 12 at such a crucial moment. While hiding inside a closet, Song Yeo Wool gets the shock of her life when she sees her husband alive and well. Now that she has discovered that everything has been a lie, it will be very exciting to see how Song Yeo Wool will protect herself and her son. Additionally, High Class treats fans to an awesome plot, chilling mystery, and thrill, all within a one-hour-long episode. This series has a total of sixteen episodes, and fans are super excited to finally watch the mystery unravel. Unfortunately for International fans, High Class is yet to premiere on any  OTT platforms.

What Went On In The Previous Episodes?

The previous episodes of High Class have fans sitting on the edge of their seats. Ever since that scary night when someone threw a stone at Song Yeo Wool’s window, things have been hectic. Not long after that, Danny Oh and Song Yeo Wool discovered a secret room inside the house that had CCTV cameras. It seems like someone had been spying on every single thing that was happening in the house.

High Class Episode 13
Yeo Wool cr: tvN

On a high note, it is heartwarming to see how Yi Chan gets encouraged by Danny Oh. Not only does Danny Oh make Yi Chan smile, but he is the only person on Song Yeo Wool’s side right now. However, with the detectives finding out that he has committed identity fraud, things are going downhill. Make sure to watch High Class Episode 13 to find out what happens next on Jeju Island!

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